Hyperia Begins Final Ascent At Thorpe Park!

Hyperia Has Officially Begun It's Final Ascent At Thorpe Park!

Hyperia has finally begun it’s final ascent skyward today at Thorpe Park as the new ride’s highest element – the 236 ft tall lift hill begins it’s climb.

After months of anticipation and build up (literally) construction workers building Thorpe Park’s new for 2024 Mack Rides Hyper Coaster have finally begun to build the ride’s gargantuan lift hill.

Although the bottom of the drop went in some weeks ago today marks the beginning of the ride’s climb skyward as the first section of track arrives in position.

In photos shared by well known theme park influencer Jack Silkstone we can also see that Hyperia’s gigantic dive loop has also now completed installation too.

This now means that all of Hyperia’s inversions have finally been installed and over 80% of the ride itself is now in place.

Work is also well underway on landscaping Hyperia too as more and more plants, shrubs and foliage continues to appear on site.

Work is also progressing steadily on the ride’s newly constructed retail and photo unit too which sits opposite the ride’s queue line.

The black metal roof of the unit now sports golden stripes and this ensures the building stays on brand and themed with the rest of Hyperia.

With everything stated above in mind we fully expect to see Hyperia’s ride trains turning up on site very soon indeed too as given just how much track and electrics have been installed ride testing can’t be too far away now too.

It’s incredibly exciting times for Thorpe Park this year make no mistake and once their new roller coaster opens it will firmly cement the UK’s home of feel good thrills firmly on the map as THE place to visit for thrill seekers visiting the UK worldwide!

What are your thoughts on the latest progress taking place? Are you excited to finally see Hyperia’s lift hill climb skyward in the weeks ahead?

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