Black Mirror Labyrinth Leaves Thorpe Park For Good.

Black Mirror Labyrinth Leaves Thorpe Park Permanently.

Black Mirror Labyrinth has been announced as permanently retired today by Thorpe Park.

The immersive, walk through attraction first opened to the public back in 2021 after facing a 12 month delay due to covid.

The park’s high tech walk through experience (based on the popular Netflix TV show Black Mirror) thrusts those brave enough into a distorted reality filled with dead end paths, terrifying projections & a evil A.I. entity hellbent on stealing your very identity.

Black Mirror Labyrinth also combined the physical experience with actors at the start who would submit your face into Labyrinth’s twisted matrix.

Thorpe Park announced the attraction’s retirement in a very low key manner including the news of it’s departure within a popular 2024 season FAQ’s post on the official annual pass holder Facebook Group.

Within the section labelled ‘Black Mirror Labyrinth’ and following the question “Will Black Mirror Labyrinth be open during my visit this season?” Thorpe Park stated;

“The doors to this twisted, sensory-defying maze closed at the end of our 2023 season.”

This therefore concludes the attraction’s three years of operation with the park and see’s yet another IP based attraction leave the park alongside the removal of Angry Birds Land for Thorpe Park’s 2024 season.

Black Mirror Labyrinth also sits next door to the now defunct iconic Thorpe Park sky swat ride – Slammer which operated for the last time at the park back in 2016.

Since closing the towering flat ride has stood dormant and unused with most of the ride being stripped for parts for Rush – another flat ride by the same manufacturer S&S Worldwide.

If removed (along with Black Mirror Labyrinth, the building it currently occupies and Walking Dead: The Ride – also in the same building) then a large space would be opened up for future development next to Colossus.

This is certainly something we’d like to see happen in the years ahead and also hope that Thorpe Park will remove Slammer at point in the not too distant future too.

What are your thoughts on Black Mirror Labyrinth leaving Thorpe Park? Are you happy to see this IP attraction leaving the park? Or would you prefer it had stayed?

We’d love to hear all of your thoughts on today’s news in the comments below!