HEX Returns To Alton Towers Resort This Autumn!

HEX Returns To Alton Towers Resort This Autumn!

HEX Returns to Alton Towers Resort This Autumn! In an official update by Bianca Sammut – the resort’s regional director on the park’s YouTube channel this morning Alton Towers Resort confirm this much loved dark ride will return to the park’s ride line up for Autumn 2024.

Initially slated to return for Summer this year, HEX (aka. HEX: The Legend of the Towers) has undergone a significant transformation following continued reliability issues and closures prior to it’s closure in early 2023.

Bianca confirms that the iconic dark ride has received major investment and input from both creative and technical teams to transform the attraction into a much more reliable, modern addition moving forwards.

The work required to bring HEX back up to scratch has however meant that the ride will remain closed to the public for longer than first anticipated.

This is reportedly due to just how much work was needed to bring HEX back to a state where reliability and consistency would be at their optimum levels.

HEX The Legend of the Towers will reopen to the public in Autumn of 2024.

As well as receiving brand new lighting, audio and theming, HEX The Legend of the Towers has also had a lot of it’s technical ride hardware replaced and repaired too.

Alton Towers have confirmed they have been working very closely with the ride’s manufacturer Vekoma to special manufacture and fit replacement ride hardware not usually readily available.

This is due to the fact HEX is infact the largest attraction of it’s kind currently at any park worldwide.

As well as this, HEX’s operating system has also undergone a significant update too replacing it with a much more modern, easier to control operating system.

HEX’s new operating system allows ride operators to control every aspect of the guest’s experience from one console putting all of the necessary tools in one place.

It has also been revealed that over 200 new lights have been installed throughout HEX as well as repairs being made to the ride’s misters, fog machines and more.

The ride's new operating system puts all of the controls in one place on a brand new control panel making it much easier for ride ops to control the guest's experience more efficiently.

Finally, in order to protect and retain the legacy of HEX The Legend of the Towers, Alton Towers have confirmed that all of the ride’s original audio has been remastered.

This will ensure much clearer sound and will add an extra depth to the ride experience alongside the newly introduced sound and audio.

New details were provided about what guests can expect from stepping inside the vault itself as Alton Towers stated they wished to keep that aspect of the ride a surprise for when it reopens.

Overall, as the anticipation builds and we reach the half way mark in our UK theme park season it’s fair to say that huge improvement continue to happen at Alton Towers and other parks UK wide.

The transformation of HEX and the security of it’s legacy with the park fills fans of Alton Towers with continued hope that not only is the park in safe hands, but it’s future is something to be very excited about indeed.