COTALand’s NEW Roller Coaster Is Almost Complete.

COTALand's NEW Roller Coaster is Almost Complete!

COTALand’s NEW roller coaster is almost complete. Palindrome – Circuit of the Americas’ NEW for 2025 Gerstlauer Infinity roller coaster is almost complete over in Texas, U.S.

The BRAND NEW roller coaster (the first of two new rides set to open in the years ahead at the onsite amusement park) should have opened back in 2023, however after falling victim to delayed construction Palindrome will now open to the public next year instead.

Construction on the ride’s track began earlier this year and after recent images showing the latest progress surfaced online it’s safe to say that installation of palindrome’s ride track is almost at an end.

The following images shared by Texas Thrill Seekers online shows the majority of COTALand’s newest ride almost in place.

Most of COTALand's new roller coaster now appears to be in place - *Image Credit -Texas Thrill Seekers.
The above image shows a different perspective of the almost completed track - *Image Credit -Texas Thrill Seekers.

Palindrome is the first of two new roller coasters scheduled to open at the park over the next two years with Circuit Breaker – North America’s FIRST EVER Vekoma Tilt Coaster being the second.

To date, construction of Circuit Breaker has yet to commence (as far as we’re aware) meaning we could well see Palindrome fully complete before work on the next ride’s construction commences.

COTALand’s first new roller coaster will reach heights of up to 95ft, speeds of up to 51 mph, feature 2 inversions & reach forces of up to 4.5 G’s throughout it’s 1,230ft of twisted steel track.

No official date has yet been set for Palindrome to open, however it’s predicted to open at some point in early 2025.

Track for Circuit Breaker – the second of COTALand’s two new roller coasters also appears to be now onsite meaning we should start to see construction of the ride begin (if it hasn’t already) in the not too distant future.