FLAMINGO LAND RESORT'S New Ride Train Has Been Spotted On The Track Up At FLAMINGO LAND!

INVERSION at FLAMINGO LAND – the one ride on everybody’s mind when it comes to Summer 2022!

As Flamingo Land Resort’s main season peak fast approaches, everybody keeps asking – “when will they open their new ride?”

Well, we may not have to wait too much longer if recent construction developments are anything to go by.

Over the last few months they have been hard at work preparing for the ride’s much anticipated opening.

Flamingo Land confirmed in a recent interview with Your Harrogate that they were infact aiming towards Summer 2022 (click here).

The repaint does however now appear to be complete & the ride’s new train is now on the track.

Could we therefore see testing commence within the next week of or two at the latest?

The train was spotted without it’s shell onsite this weekend by our good friends over at Flamingopics.

With this in mind, it’s possible that the park could well commence with testing within days, let alone weeks.

You may however ask, why no train shell? Well, this could be down to one of two reasons.

Either the park still aren’t ready to reveal the ride’s branding or the ride’s train shell is still being repainted. 

The Ride's Train as it currently appears on the transfer track - *Image Credit Flamingopics.
Confirmation of Lap Bars on the new ride - *Image Credit Flamingopics.
When Will Testing Commence?

At the end of the day only Flamingo Land can say for certain, however the recent addition of the trains to the transfer track certainly proves the park are considering it.

Also, with Summer 2022 being eyed as the projected timescale for the ride to open, they’ll definitely have to start doing so soon.

Rumors currently point towards June/July being the estimated opening date, however nothing has yet been officially confirmed by the park themselves.

Flamingo Land have however started to tease their new addition across social media over the last few weeks.

The park have shared a number of posts with heavy emphasis being placed on the word “SIK”.

Although the link is yet to be made clear, there have been many who have stated this could be down to an upcoming sponsorship for the ride.

"Do you love it or does it make you SIK?"
Why The Heavy Emphasis On The Word "SIK"?

At present (to our knowledge) Flamingo Land Resort have shared two posts featuring this word across their social media outlets.

The First was the post featured above which they shared on the 12th of April & the second was their Happy Easter post shared on Easter Sunday.

So why SIK and what could the link be?

Well, rumours have again surfaced over the last month pointing towards their brand new ride potentially being sponsored by a local clothing outlet named SIK SILK.

SIK SILK are a local clothing brand based in Scarborough and possess a name which coincidentally features the word “SIK”

On top of this they also supply the park with uniforms and this can be seen by the companies logo on the staff’s polo shirts.

This is of course however all just speculation and to date the park themselves have yet to officially confirm any of this themselves.

At present the ride remains known as INVERSION as per the park’s original planning application meaning no new name or theme has yet been announced.

What Kind Of Experience Will The New Trains Offer?

As you have seen in the above images the new trains feature lap bars as opposed to the over the shoulder restraints featured on the ride’s UK counterpart Colossus at Thorpe Park in Surrey (more on what to expect here).

This means that riding the ride will offer a much freer, less restrictive experience overall.

For those of you who are wanting to know what to expect, we suggest a ride on ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach prior to riding INVERSION.

ICON offers the closest ride experience here in the UK to that offered by Flamingo Land’s brand new ride (excluding the launch aspect of course).

Lap Bars will mean your upper body is less restricted which in turn will offer you greater hangtime throughout the ride’s ten incredible inversions.

"Lap Bars will mean your upper body is less restricted which in turn will offer you greater hangtime"
Is Summer 2022 Possible?

In our opinion an opening date of Summer 2022 seems perfectly possible at this stage!

Given the fast paced progress taking place on the ride’s construction site week upon week an opening date of June/July would not be completely unrealistic.

The park would however have to start testing within the next week or two at the latest and with the train now on the track, this could well happen.

Therefore, with this being the case and with Flamingo Land also teasing their new ride we don’t think it will be too much longer before an official opening date is announced.

Are you excited to ride INVERSION (or whatever the ride ends up being called) this Summer? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks very much for reading!