B&M Surf Coaster Confirmed For Seaworld Orlando In 2023?

Bolliger & Mabillard Roller Coaster Confirmed for Seaworld Orlando's 2023 Season?

Seaworld have today shared an image over on their official Twitter of what appears to be two sections of Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster track aback a large lorry heading into Seaworld Orlando.

Speculation¬†has begun to run writhe¬†suggesting that this could infact be the heavily rumoured ‘Surf Coaster‘ which is said to be coming to Seaworld Orlando for the park’s 2023 season.

It’s no secret however that ground works at the park are well underway & in our opinion today’s image only further adds credence to the rumours of the new ride type coming to the resort next year being true.

Seaworld shared the update over on the companies official Twitter page with the caption “Some beautiful palm trees right there…”

"Some beautiful palm trees right there..." - Image Credit; Seaworld's Official Twitter.

The Surf Coaster is reportedly a brand new ride type set to debut at Seaworld Orlando in 2023, and is supposedly set to be manufactured by Bolliger and Mabillard.

B&M also filed a patent for a revised stand up restraint system (Click Here for more Info) back in December 2020 and this therefore leads us to ask the question – why would they do that UNLESS there are plans to revive the stand up concept?

With today’s delivery CONFIRMING yet another roller coaster by the Swiss manufacturer set to open at Seaworld Orlando next season, it’s safe to say the ‘Surf Coaster’ is looking ever more likely!!

Stay tuned right here on TPI for more developments as and when they happen!