Alton Towers Have Given Fans Their First Taste Of What To Expect Inside their New Ride!

Alton Towers have officially given their fans a fist taste of what to expect inside their BRAND NEW 2023 attraction – The Curse At Alton Manor!

This year’s spooktacular new addition is set to open during the resort’s opening day this coming Saturday March 18th.

The Curse At Alton Manor re-imagines Alton Towers’ iconic haunted house ride for a brand new generation and is set to be the third iteration of the attraction since it first opened at the park back in 1992.

Although Alton Towers have given us a taste of how the ride will look within, it’s not yet clear as to whether or not the physical ride system has been altered too.

The Curse At Alton Manor is however said to feature a dozen different scenes taking those brave enough through a step by step story of how Emily became who she is today.

Step inside The Curse At Alton Manor this Alton Towers opening day on March 18th & witness Emily Alton's revenge!

From what we can tell, The Curse At Alton Manor appears to draw heavy inspiration from one of Alton Towers’ most recent scarefest attractions – The Attic: Terror of the Towers.

The new ride also feels as though there are elements of Child’s Play in there too and the overall wacky aesthetic seems almost reminiscent of other such rides as Gangsta Granny: The Ride.

Alton Towers’ newest addition does however sport a much darker and far more sinister theme as it will be anything but light hearted.

It’s said that after been locked away in the attic and driven mad by her parents selfish neglect,  Emily Alton has amassed the help of dark and powerful forces to aid her in exacting her terrible revenge on those daring enough to enter the Gothic manor house.

The Curse At Alton Manor will feature a dozen different scenes, all chilling and unique in their own devilish way.

These include The Grand Hall, where an opulent party becomes a scene of death with skeletal bodies lying slumped at tables.

The Demon Doll Workshop gives visitors a chilling insight into the mind of Emily with an operating table at its center and human-size dolls lining the walls, while The Attic is where the lonely and forgotten child languished with just a doll’s house to entertain her.

Alton Towers have also stated that “cutting-edge audio technology makes you feel that Emily is talking directly to you, while advanced 3D projection-mapping brings each scenario to chilling life”

In all fairness, given today’s reveal, we have to say we genuinely couldn’t be more excited to experience The Curse At Alton Manor this coming Saturday.

Alton Towers also appear to have hidden some lovely little Easter eggs throughout the ride too giving nods to both past and present attractions.

Toyland Tours, Corkscrew and The Blade are just some of the rides and attractions acknowledged and honoured within today’s photos.

Talking about The Curse At Alton Manor, Bianca Sammut, Divisional Director at Alton Towers Resort;

“We’re delighted to finally be able to take the wraps off The Curse at Alton Manor and welcome those brave enough to enter.

“We’ve harnessed the power of cutting edge technology to provide a fully immersive experience that blurs the line between reality and Emily’s demonic world.

“Visitors will even seem to disappear in front of their very eyes as a result of a spine-chilling array of special effects and visuals that have never been seen before from a UK theme park.

“Child’s play, this isn’t. Emily is waiting … The question is, dare you experience what she has in store?”

Overall, The Curse At Alton Manor looks set to make the perfect new addition to the resort and will give Duel the much needed overhaul it so badly needed.

Other elements such as the use of mirrors, projection mapping and techniques not yet seen in any UK theme park have also been revealed to feature inside Alton Towers’ newest attraction.

Upon revealing the ride’s re-imagining Alton Towers also stated that The Curse At Alton Manor would be “one of their most immersive dark ride experiences to date”.

Given today’s reveal, we certainly believe this to be the case & as such we can’t wait to get back to our second home this Saturday and experience the park’s eerie new attraction for ourselves.

Will you be visiting Alton Towers upcoming opening day this weekend? If so, what are your expectations for the Curse At Alton Manor?

We’d love to hear them in the comments below!