Pasaje Del Terror - FACE YOUR FEARS & journey deep into the heart of horror movie history!

Pasaje Del Terror is an intricately detailed and highly immersive horror walk through attraction located in the heart of the casino building at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The attraction opened well over 20 years ago and ever since doing so has proved a monumental hit with nearly all who have braved it!

Pasaje Del Terror takes those brave enough on a terrifying journey through some of the horror movie industries biggest hits.

It does this by utilising a perfect medium of heavily costumed live actors, authentically recreated sets and daring special effects to deliver a highly immersive experience you won’t soon forget.

Pasaje Del Terror is located within the Casino Building at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

What Should You Expect?

There’s no way to sugar coat this really, expect to be TERRIFIED!

Pasaje Del Terror is designed to scare and this is something the attraction has managed to get down to an absolute art!

From constant jump scares to unexpected twists, Pasaje delivers an authentic horror experience unlike any other all year round scare attraction in the UK. 

Should you be brave enough to enter, you WILL be plunged head first into the experience from the minute you enter the attraction and walk into the first ‘room’ (more of a crypt really).

Once in, you will traverse a labyrinth of high intensity thrills, jumps and scares as you experience everything the Pasaje has to offer!

From creeping your way through a moldy mausoleum and out into stormy graveyard to passing by a very possessed Regan (The Exorcist), Pasaje Del Terror delivers heart racing chills and pulse racing thrills from beginning to end.

Creep your way through a moldy mausoleum and out into a stormy graveyard!

What Gives Pasaje Del Terror the Edge?

Pasaje Del Terror features some of the most intricately detailed and highly themed sets we have ever walked through!

From the way the light emanates up through the grates in Freddy’s boiler room to the way the graveyard scene is lit (leading you to believe you’re actually outside), you truly do transcend into a completely unique and morbidly mesmerising experience.

The mixture of detailed costumes and perfectly crafted acting also help deliver the authentic chills and believable frights that have made Pasaje Del Terror the top UK horror attraction they are today.

Other sets featured include Jigsaw’s bathroom, Michael Myers asylum and even the Warren’s freakishly atmospheric study!

You will also encounter The Nun, Leatherface and a psychotic clown (to name but a few) as you fight your way through the darkness and back out into the light!

Do you dare enter the Pasaje Del Terror at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?!

If I Liked The Dungeons Will I Like This?

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight here, Pasaje Del Terror is NOTHING like The Dungeons!

Where as The Dungeons are considered to be family friendly horror experiences, Pasaje Del Terror is completely the opposite.

Pasaje Del Terror use high intensity scares and unsuspecting sources to create fear and diversion at key points throughout your experience.

This helps to deliver a run through packed with adrenaline fueled frights which is something the Dungeons don’t always tend to deliver on (in our opinion).

The Dungeons also appear to rely more on scripted acting to deliver scares, where as Pasaje feel more improvised when delivering their thrills.

This isn’t always the case though and there are set points where scripted acting is used.

Overall, if it’s Dungeon standard scares you’re after then Pasaje Del Terror may well not be for you

"Pasaje Del Terror use high intensity scares and unsuspecting sources to create fear and diversion at key points throughout your experience"

How Long Does it Last & How Much Will It Cost?

The Overall experience is designed to last between 10 and 12 minutes in total depending on how quickly you walk through the attraction.

We would however advise taking your time and paying more attention to your surroundings when making your way through as there is so much to see!

Definitely don’t STOP though as you WILL be moved on (unless you have been asked to stop by a member of the cast).

It’s also worth noting that all scares delivered within the attraction are done so on a none contact basis meaning as long as you don;t touch any of the actors, they won’t touch you!

Cost wise, admission is currently priced at £10.00 per person on the door, however if you book at least one day in advance of your visit online then you can enter the attraction for just £8.50 per person instead.

You DON’T always need to prebook and at present no time slot is required to enter.

If you do book online then you need only present your booking confirmation and a valid form of photo ID on the day to collect your tickets and enter the attraction.

Well worth every penny you pay to enter in our opinion!!

Would We Recommend Visiting?

If you’re as much of a fan of good old fashioned horror as we are then this fantastic attraction is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Also, having experienced many other live actor lead scare attractions across the UK, it’s no mean feat to say that Pasaje Del Terror is by far the best of it’s kind (in our opinion).

From the moment you enter to the moment you leave you are fully immersed into a unique realm of horror specific to the Pasaje Del Terror brand.

In turn, you will find yourself both terrified and in awe of it’s majestic hellishness at the exact same time (which is a hard balance to find these days).

Regarding the overall quality of the experience – we have always found it to be consistent and on point!

Overall, It’s safe to say that when it comes to delivering a uniquely chilling brand of horror, Pasaje Del Terror in Blackpool have crafted and perfected doing so down to an art!

Therefore, next time you’re at Blackpool Pleasure Beach why not swing on by and brave your own journey into the bowels of this hell ridden labyrinth? You WON’T regret it (or will you?)!

Thank you very much for reading!