York Dungeon Announce Re-Opening Plans!

York Dungeon officially announce plans to re-open as of Monday May 31st!

Well Traitors, it’s that all important day you’ve all been dreading! Those pesky creatures dwelling in the deep, dank bowels of York’s darkest attraction (York Dungeon) have finally crawled into the light once more to announce their imminent return!

The date currently set for willing victims to walk over the threshold and into the darkness is Monday May 31st 2021 and as such those brave enough to enter the dungeons will be able to secure their places to do so from Monday 15th of March at 9AM.

In an official post shared bu the team over at York across all major social media platforms they confirmed the above plans and also hinted the fact we could expect a few more surprises from them between now and their re-opening.

Above is the official post shared on their Facebook page earlier today confirming all of the above.

Now, it’s no secret that here at Theme Park Insanity York Dungeon is by far one of our top UK horror based attractions to visit, and as such we can’t wait to make our return on May 31st, however we’re also eager to learn more about what these ‘surprises’ may hold!

For those who may not be familiar with York Dungeon here’s an official description from the attraction themselves;

“Get ready for a thrilling time as you journey through York’s dreaded past! The York Dungeon is a journey through 2000 years of York’s darkest history, bringing together iconic characters, immersive sets and thrilling special-effects in a unique and exciting actor led experience that you see, hear, feel and smell. Find out the real story of York!”

York Dungeon also makes up just one of six Dungeon attractions located here within the UK with others located in London, Blackpool Tower and Edinburgh to name but a few.

There are more however spread out across the world with other international locations being Berlin, Amsterdam and San Franciso, however from what we can tell York appears to be the first to announce their post-lock down return.

"I'm Innocent" says Isabella Billington? Yeah Right!

In summary we can’t wait to get back and experience this awesome attraction again once re-open as it’s been well over a year now since we last visited, however we fully intend on visiting all other UK dungeons this season too.

Have you visited York Dungeon? If so what do you think of this ghoulishly dark attraction?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!