World’s First Roller Coaster Opens In China!


A World's First Roller Coaster Has Officially Opened in China This Week!

An exhilarating NEW roller coaster has opened in China this week and it’s officially the first of it’s kind to open anywhere worldwide.

Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland (A BRAND NEW theme park located in Jiangsu, China) has partnered with highly respected ride manufacturer Vekoma to open a Super Boomerang roller coaster at the park.

The gigantic NEW thrill coaster uses a mixture of high speed launches and inversions to thrill guests as they race through a mind boggling layout of twists and turns at eye watering speeds.

Cloud Shuttle (as it’s known) makes up just one of three brand new roller coasters at the park and sits central to the park’s layout.

The exciting new roller coaster reaches speeds of up to 59 mph, heights of up to 164 ft and spans a total length of 1,430.4 ft overall.

Cloud Shuttle definitely proves eye catching and has reportedly taken all who have ridden it by surprise proving much more intense than they first expected due to reaching a total of 4 G’s throughout the ride.

Cloud Shuttle is a BRAND NEW, first of it's kind roller coaster located at Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderlandin China - *Image Credit - Vekoma Rides.

Congratulating Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland on the opening of their new ride, Vekoma Rides posted;

“Congratulations to the Fantawild Group with the official opening of the new theme park Xuzhou Fantawild Wonderland on July 18th, featuring Vekoma Rides’ Super Boomerang – the first of its kind in the world!”

“Multiple launch sections, vertical spike at 52,5m height, maximum speed of 95 km/h, forward backward ride, vertical drops, inversions, airtime – all action packed in this compact design brings our proven Boomerang concept new levels of excitement and thrills the most seasoned riders!”

Cloud Shuttle really ups the game when it comes to proving what’s possible with the standard boomerang concept.

We definitely hope to see more of this fantastic new ride type popping up at parks across the world in the years ahead, maybe a UK one too perhaps?