World of Jumanji at Chessington Revealed!

World of Jumanji REVEALED BY Chessington World Of Adventure!

The World of Jumanji has officially been revealed by Chessington World of Adventures and it’s safe to say we couldn’t be more excited!

In the first BIG reveal by the park, Chessington explain EXACTLY what we can expect when they open their BRAND NEW land later this year.

Although no official opening date has yet been announced, recent information regarding the filming of an official TV advert points towards April potentially been the month to happen.

The World of Jumanji is set to be the first new land of it’s kind anywhere worldwide.

The World of Jumanji - Coming this season to Chessington World of Adventures Resort! - *Image Credit - Chessington World of Adventures.
What Can You Expect?

The World of Jumanji will feature 3 headline attractions in total across a range of differently themed zones.

These include the land’s signature Bolliger & Mabillard Family Shuttle Wing Coaster – Mandrill Mayhem (the first of it’s kind anywhere worldwide).

Mandrill Mayhem will also be the world’s first Jumanji themed roller coaster too (and we all know how much Merlin Entertainments like their world’s firsts haha).

the brand new land will also feature 2 flat rides in the form of Mamba Strike & Ostrich Stampede.

Alongside the new rides, Chessington’s brand new land will also feature a full array of authentic Jumanji themeing and a Jungle inspired setting as a whole. 

Overall, The World of Jumanji is set to make a very bold statement at the park once open and will (in our opinion) prove to be the perfect crowd pleaser.

But what of the rides? Here’s a little more info…..

Mandrill Mayhem will be the land's signature attraction and also comes as the first of it's kind from Swiss ride manufacturer bolliger & Mabillard - *Image Credit - Chessington.
Mandrill Mayhem

Mandrill Mayhem is for all intents and purposes the land’s star attraction.

The first of it’s kind B&M family Wing Shuttle coaster is said to have a total height restriction of 1.2 meters.

This makes it ideal for younger thrill seekers and the perfect step up from some of the park’s more tamer rides.

The new roller coaster also reaches heights of up to 55 ft & features Chessington’s FIRST EVER inversion on any roller coaster at the park.

The new ride will launch riders forwards towards the land’s iconic Jaguar Shrine statue before soaring backwards on a fun filled journey riders won’t soon forget,

Chessington last introduced a coaster at the park back in 2004 making it 19 years since their last major ride of this type.

Mandrill Mayhem is also said to have backwards facing seats on the last row of the ride’s train too.

This means that those brave enough will be able to opt to brave the ride backwards (like thrill seekers once did at Thorpe Park on the resort’s B&M Wing Coaster – The Swarm).

Chessington last introduced a roller coaster at the resort back in 2004 making it 19 years since the opening of their last major coaster investmemt - *Image Credit - Chessington.
Mamba Strike & Ostrich Stampede.

Ostrich Stampede & Mamba Strike make up the final 2 NEW rides within the World of Jumanji.

The two new family flat rides are set to compliment the land’s brand new roller coaster and will provide family friendly thrills in an immersive, interactive setting.

Whilst Mamba Strike is set to be highly similar to your classic Miami Wave, Ostrich Stampede will propel riders in a circular adventure as they attempt to escape the feathery stampede amidst the golden dunes of Jumanji.

Overall, the two new flat rides will make great additions to the park and will fit into the new land perfectly.

Jumanji Themed Hotel Rooms!

In an identical fashion to Gardaland in Italy, Chessington will also feature fully themed Jumanji hotel rooms too.

The immersive NEW hotel rooms will offer  guests the chance to further indulge themselves into the epic world of Jumanji and in turn create some truly memorable experiences 

The Jumanji themed rooms will feature within the resort’s onsite Safari Hotel & help compliment the new land perfectly.

Check out the below concept art giving guests a first taste of what they can expect from an overnight stay in the hotel’s brand new rooms!

When Does The World of Jumanji Open?

Although no official opening date has yet been set, it’s believed that guests can book into the Safari Hotel’s NEW Juamnji themed rooms from April 1st 2023.

This comes ahead of the new land’s opening this Spring which as mentioned previously is speculated to be in and around April this year.

Speaking about Chessington’s exciting new land, Scott O’NeilMerlin EntertainmentsCEO had this to say;

“We look forward to Welcome-ing you to the Jungle this spring, as the amazing World of Jumanji opens at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Families should prepare to be turned upside down… literally, as the first NEW rollercoaster in nearly 20 years at the Resort has a twist, turn and flip that will have you holding on to your seat! This is the Next Level for families wanting to explore the ultimate adventure together.”

Overall we’re extremely excited to see what the Chessington’s immersive new land has to offer and we’re sure it will be well worth the wait when it finally welcomes budding adventurers later this Spring.

*Want to hear more about what we think of Chessington’s EXCITING new land? Then why not check out our official TPI News video update below?