Drayton Manor CONFIRM family thrill Coaster For 2024!


Drayton Manor Resort CONFIRM Family Thrill Coaster For Their Upcoming 2024 Season!

Drayton Manor Resort – the Tamworth based theme park responsible for the UK’s only Thomas Land have today confirmed the arrival of something HUGE for their 2024 season!

In an official an exclusive interview with Birmingham Live, Victoria Lynn – the park’s Managing Director confirmed the arrival of a family thrill coaster at the resort for their 2024 season.

Confirming the new ride’s arrival, Victoria has said “One of the key things we want to say is that in 2024 there will be a new family thrill coaster coming.”

This extremely exciting and puts to rest all the rumours of a brand new roller coaster coming to Drayton Manor for the park’s 2024 season.

Speaking further about it she has also said “This is going to be one of the best coasters in the UK in my opinion.”

But what sort of new roller coaster could Drayton Manor add to their line up? There’s no denying that past additions such as Shockwave and Accelerator have certainly proved popular among park goers.

Following on from this Victoria also confirms the new roller coaster’s location as being in same place as the park’s former Intamin drop tower – Apocalypse.

“I think it is important to say we are still doing family thrill and not just kid rides. We have already broken ground. Part of that was removing Apocalypse to pave the way”

Above shows the first major investment to be put back into Drayton Manor Resort following the acquisition of the park by The Looping Group in 2020 - Adventure Cove! - *Image Credit - Drayton Manor.

Earlier this year many who visited the park spotted markings on the ground in and around the same part of the park as Apocalypse, and again this confirms rumours the new ride would be situated here.

Drayton Manor have however yet to reveal any further information surrounding exactly what the ride will be or what the theme will be.

Again she does promise that we can expect to hear a little more about the new project over the coming weeks saying that;

“We have got a top-secret project that will be communicated in a few weeks’ time. There is a lot to look forward to but it is really about building on our success, making Drayton Manor the place to visit, and giving fun for everyone.”

Victoria does however say that we can expect new things from the resort’s 2023 season too, however they won’t be in the same vain as 2024’s new addition – “we will have new some stuff in 2023 but it won’t be on that scale.”

Overall, fans of Drayton Manor definitely have a huge amount to look forward to over the next 12 months.

The arrival of the park’s new roller coaster in 2024 will only build on the resort’s continued success since the park was acquired by the Looping Group & as such we can’t find to find out more about Drayton Manor’s exciting new addition in the coming months.

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