Wiener Looping Set To Open At Wiener Prater in 2023!

Wiener Prater in Austria Announce Weiner Looping - An Exciting NEW Mack Rides Big Dipper for Their 2023 Season!

Wiener Prater – a rather unique amusement park based near Vienna in Austria has officially unveiled the arrival of Wiener Looping – a BRAND NEW Mack Rides Big Dipper for their 2023 season.

According to, the historical amusement park (which is located in Leopoldstadt, Vienna) currently plays host to 14 other operational roller coasters.

Wiener Prater first opened to the public back on the 7th of April 1766 making it ones of the most historically significant parks to date and has over the years seen some pretty weird and wonderful additions.

Wiener Looping is the latest new attraction to be added to the park and is said to have taken inspiration from it’s former predecessor of the same name which operated at the park in 1982.

The above artist's impression shows how Wiener Looping will look once complete and gives us a great taste of what we can expect from this thrilling new attraction - *Image credit Koidls Prater.

It’s no secret however that most of the park’s current rides and attractions are operated by families of showmen.

In keeping with this tradition it was the Sittler-Koidl family who recently made the announcement that Wiener Looping would indeed be coming to the park for the 2023 season.

Construction is already believed to be well underway and the ride itself is set to feature 2 inversions in the form of a dive loop and additional loop.

The brand new MACK rides big dipper will also feature a traditional chain lift and this stays in keeping with other rides of it’s kind such as Lost Gravity located at Walibi Holland.

Roller coaster trains typically feature ride trains of 2 cars with 4 to a row each allowing up to a maximum of 8 riders per train, per time.

The hourly capacity should therefore equate to around about 800 riders per hour and this would put it in line with other rides of it’s kind.

The colour scheme for the ride appears to match that of the former Wiener Looping too - a former Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop coaster (aka. The Bullet at Flamingo Land). - *Image Credit Koidls Prater.

Wiener Prater is most well known for it’s iconic 212 ft tall Ferris Wheel Wiener Rissenrad which stands proudly at the parks entrance.

Overall Wiener Looping will make a fantastic new addition to Vienna’s most iconic amusement park and we look forward to seeing how the new ride proves with park goers in the years ahead.