Where will we see the UK’s First RMC?!

Where do we think we will see the UK's first ever RMC and why? We share our thoughts on where we think we will see it versus where we would like to see it!

RMC –  those three little letters that make every UK coaster enthusiast drool with lust as they dream of experiencing that perfect thrilling mix of wood and steel that only Alan Schilke can provide!

In today’s day and age it’s become no secret that Rocky Mountain Construction (aka. RMC) have become the ‘go to’ coaster manufacturer when it comes to both re-imagining wooden classics and building ground up hyper monstrosities that will leave most of the general populous shaking at the knees as their stare up at the sheer scale of the wood and steel structure that awaits them! For a coaster enthusiast however no matter how tall or intimidating these marvellous creations may appear our sentiment is always remains the same! GAME ON!!!

RMC have staked their claim to the top spot as the most sought after coaster manufacturer to date, and with good reason! Every coaster they build not only proves a giant success but it also becomes the top attraction at any park in which it is placed! You only have to look at the recent addition of Zadra located at EnergyLandia in Poland to realise this is the case! The main draw for these attractions however is the seemingly impossible nature some of the elements built within their layout provide! This is due to the creative mind of Alan Schilke who really has become the modern day american equivalent of our beloved John Wardley due to his imagination and sheer determination to remain original whilst beating the impossible at all times! You only have to look at some of the elements on Iron Gwazi over at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to realise this is the case, after all who ever thought you could put in an overbanked fly by over the station or a monstrously tall outward banked turn directly after the first beyond vertical drop?

The truth is that with so many of these masterpieces in coaster engineering opening worldwide to date the question on every UK enthusiast’s mind is why not us? When will the UK get it’s first RMC and where will it be? Well then, let’s take a look at that shall we?

Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida US.

Now, to do this we have to look at two perspectives here. Our most desired location versus where we think this would be most likely to happen. This does however boil down to the type of RMC coaster we are referring to here as there are two other options alongside the standard IBOX Hybrid which each and every one of most craves.

The three main types are as follows;

IBOX Hybrid – The most famous style of RMC coaster utilising steel tracks and a mixture of wooden and steel supports to give the manufacturer’s most iconic coaster type it’s distinct appearence – e.g. Zadra, Twisted Colossus and Untamed.

Raptor – This model of utilises the world famous single rail concept and usually only sits one rider per row enabling a much more compact and thrilling layout navigating twists and elements it’s bigger counterparts would usually not in such small spaces.

T-Rex – RMC’s More heavy duty single rail concept seating the traditional two across per row. Said to have the capacity to reach heights of up to 500 ft this monstrous single rail model would be perfect for any park looking to really make it’s mark on the industry, however at the time of writing this this model is yet to see production or installation at any park worldwide.

Zadra at EnergyLandia in Poland - IBOX Hybrid.

So, let’s start with the realistic prospects here. Every UK enthusiast is calling for the companies signature coaster type, and that’s a IBOX Hybrid! As things stand the chances are that if the UK industry does go with the current demand then it will most likely be this type of coaster the UK will get, however where we will be most likely see this happen? Well, we take the same stance on this matter as everyone else and that is that we think Thorpe Park are more than likely the strongest candidates to host such an investment. This is due to both the space they have and the fact that no major investment has taken place since 2012 and when you throw the possible removal of Loggers into the mix? Well then, who knows eh?

We have therefore come up with the following 2 most likely locations were this to actually happen!

Site A - Loggers Leap

Now when you take into account the sheer space this site would provide as well as the fact they have ample clearance for construction this does prove a good potential candidate, however we still think that the likelihood remains it will most likely be situated on site B – Opposite Swarm Island!

Site B - Opposite Swarm Island

Site B in our opinion offers a much more plausible and more likely location for this to take place, and this is down to the fact the area within which the construction would take place has already seen considerable clearance prior to any possible construction taking place.

Now with Thorpe Being the main candidate we have to say that we have also thought long and hard about where else could host such a spectacle and whilst there are those that argue you could still achieve this at Alton Towers we are afraid we just don’t agree. The sheer volume of noise this ride type would emit coupled with the height required to give a good solid layout just don’t in our opinion match what Towers would actually be capable of achieving, however if it were a launched RMC along the lines of Lightening Rod at Dollywood? Well then maybe something could be done! The chances do however remain that Thorpe are more than likely the most suitable UK park to host this brand new addition! 

Now then, let’s take a look at where we would like to see the UK’s first ever RMC open and this is a park which no matter how hard we try could still see this coaster type fitting in perfectly amongst the existing line up! Enter Flamingo Land – North Yorkshire’s premier theme park resort and zoo!

The reason we say this is when you consider just how much room this park have to play with and also the uniqueness of the park’s existing coasters we definitely think that an IBOX Hybrid would be the perfect fit for the park’s next major investment (whenever that may be)!

Now, with regards to space there is one place in particular which stands out the most for us and that’s the following!

Potential Flamingo Land resort site.

When we picture an RMC at Flamingo Land we always picture it in the same location and that’s across the pond behind Kumali! We really feel that given the type of ride and given the park’s Busch Gardens-esuqe feel we could see this coaster fitting in perfectly with another African savanna style feel. You only have to look at the other two coasters within this location to see just how well this works! There is also the potential for the park to follow in the footsteps of of Kumali and name it after one of their cheetahs perhaps? Overall we really feel that Flamingo Land would make the ideal choice for the UK’s first RMC and this isn’t just because it’s our local park, it’s because out of all of the UK parks out there Flamingo Land offers the most perfect setting to showcase it overall!

Overall the sad fact remains though that no matter how hard we can wish for Flamingo Land to host an RMC the chances are that this will never actually happen (never mind the fact they have just installed ‘Inversion’). Therefore as things stand it is Thorpe who will most likely get the IBOX if the UK industry were to receive one  in the near future.

Now, let’s think about what a Raptor would offer the UK market! The one  fact that remains is that this type of coaster would be the much more feasible candidate to land on these shores and here’s why. They have a smaller footprint, they are more affordable and there are a whole host of UK parks who could well benefit from one of these being installed (Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Oakwood Theme Park to name but two)!

We therefore imagine that given the current situation were the UK industry to invest in an RMC it would realistically be more than likely that a Raptor would open in the UK first rather than an IBOX (not even going to speculate on a T-Rex making these shores as you have more chance of winning the lottery jackpot 3 weeks running than you do of that actually happening)!

With so many parks and locations where this would be possible being available it’s not practical to go through them all individually, however save it to say that a Raptor is the strongest candidate to appear at a UK park in the years to come!

We do however stand by our word with regards to an IBOX being most likely to appear at Thorpe Park in the years ahead, therefore watch this space and who knows? We may even see one at Flamingo Land yet?!