VOLTRON Continues To Progress At EUROPA PARK.

VOLTRON - Europa Park's Upcoming New Roller Coaster Continues To Progress!

VOLTRON will be Europa Park’s BRAND NEW roller coaster when it opens at the iconic German theme park resort in 2024.

The new ride is set to be a highly immersive Big Dipper model by German ride manufacturer MACK Rides and will pay homage to Nikola Tesla.

Reaching heights of up to 105 ft as well as speeds of up to 55.9 mph, daring thrill seekers will be immersed into the world of the iconic creator of the Tesla Coil (a giant version of which will sit atop a huge steel tower at the heart of the ride’s new area).

Voltron is set to make up the headline attraction in the park’s upcoming new Croatia themed area and will open with the rest of the land in 2024.

Although an exact date for Voltron has yet to be set, construction works have been progressing over at the resort extremely steadily indeed.

Everything from the ride’s station building as well as the roller coaster’s footers have begun installation and ride parts including track and supports are also now on site too.

In a recent update, Europa Park shared a first look at some of the track as well as the support for Voltron as it arrived on site.

Voltron makes up the latest new Mack Rides product to see installation at Europa Park placing it alongside other iconic rides such as Euro-Mir and Blue Fire to name but a few.

Europa Park also plays host to none Mack Rides attractions too including Silver Star, Woden and many more.

The Germany based theme park resort has been compared to the likes of Disneyland and even sports it’s very own mouse mascot.

Europa Park is infact owned by the Mack Rides family though and it therefore makes perfect sense that the park’s owners would choose to add Voltron given the type of ride it is.

Mack Rides have already installed most of their ride types and attractions across the resort, however to date a Big Dipper has yet to join the line up – that is, until now.

Overall, we can’t wait to watch Voltron take shape over the coming months and we look forward to checking it out for ourselves next year.

Stay tuned here on TPI over the coming months for even more Voltron related updates as we watch the park’s exciting new roller coaster take shape.