Vikings Invade Drayton Manor This Spring!

Vikings are set to Invade Drayton Manor This Spring with a brand new area, 4 new rides and more!!

Vikings are set to invade Drayton Manor this Spring bringing a whole new “land of discovery” with them as they do so!

The family theme park resort (based near Tamworth in the midlands) has today announced the addition of an exciting new area for their 2022 season.

Since taking over Drayton Manor back in August of 2020 the park’s new owners The Looping Group have been hard at work attempting to breathe new life into the iconic park.

Vikings will make up the new owners second major new addition to the park since taking over with 2021’s Adventure Cove being their first.

With Adventure Cove proving a giant success however, it seemed inevitable that another new land would be on the cards, and today that became the case.

So what can you expect from the Viking Invasion? Here’s the lowdown!

What is Vikings?

Vikings is set to be a completely new area located at the opposite side of the lake to Adventure Cove.

The new land will feature 3 brand new attractions, 1 re-themed attraction, a brand new BBQ restaurant and more.

The 3 new rides come in the form of a Zamperla Disk’ O Coaster (Thor), the UK’s first ever Zamperla Nebulaz (Loki) and a what is currently being referred to as a “training school attraction” named Sleipnir.

The park’s iconic Buffalo Coaster will also see inclusion with the new Viking inspired name Jormungandr and corresponding theme.

Along with the new and re-themed attractions the new land will also offer the park’s first BBQ restaurant in the form of Walhalla.

It has also been announced that to compliment the new experience The Drayton Manor Hotel will also offer 10 Viking themed rooms for guests to stay in from 2022 onwards.

The new rooms will provide an authentic Viking hotel stay featuring traditional Nordic furnishings, shield embellished wooden paneling and paintings showcasing distant Viking voyages.

Guests will also have the chance to enjoy a ‘Viking sized breakfast’ before heading back into the park for another day of immersive adventures.

Vikings - A Brand New Land of Discovery News to Drayton Manor Resort for the park's 2022 Season!
When Will It Open?

Spring 2022 has been slated as the proposed opening date for this exciting new addition, however no official date has yet been given.

The Park have however been hard at work over the last few months constructing the new area and as such new rides can already be seen taking shape with the new land itself.

With this in mind it probably won’t be too much longer before further details are revealed (including a potential opening date).

Drayton Manor have however placed a form on their website inviting guests to sign up for more details about Vikings as and when they drop (Click Here).

Regardless, we are incredibly excited to see what this brand new addition offers once open and at the rate this year is currently going it shouldn’t be too much longer before that becomes reality!

Are you excited for Vikings at Drayton Manor? If so, which attraction are you most excited to experience? Let us know your thoughts below!

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