Uncharted Roller Coaster Coming To Portaventura World In 2023!

UNCHARTED Roller Coaster Announced For Portaventura World Theme Park & Resort In 2023!

Portaventura World (a well known Spanish theme park and resort located near Salou) have today revealed the arrival of a BRAND NEW Uncharted roller coaster at the resort for the park’s 2023 season!

The new ride will be themed to the popular adventure video game IP Uncharted which (to date) has spanned 10 separate games across 6 different platforms & 1 feature film (which starred none other than the MCU’s very Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland).

The first game (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune) was released on Playstation 3 in 2007 and since doing so has become one of the most popular Playstation video game franchises to date.

It is however believed that the new ride will be themed around the recent live action movie as opposed to the games and this is supported by the appearance of Tom Holland in today’s official reveal.

The roller coaster itself will be located inside a new, purpose built show building within the park’s Far west area & will feature a whole array of different elements including launches, a turn table and even dark ride sections.

The new ride will thrust thrill seekers into the world of the movie and will place them at the forefront of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure.

Other than the reveal of the Uncharted IP however Portaventura World have still yet to reveal any further details.

This includes whether or not the ride will purely focus on the events of the movie or whether or not it will serve as an extension to the already well known storyline.

The full specifications of the ride including top speed, height or length have also yet been revealed either, however it’s safe to say judging by the recent concept image it should provide for a fairly lengthy experience.

Above shows the new ride's proposed layout which includes launches, a dead end spike, a turn table and more!

The new roller coaster is set to be an Intamin Multi-Dimension roller coaster and in another post world leading dark rides and attractions creator Sally Dark Rides also confirmed their involvement with the project alongside Portaventura World.

With this being the case it’s definitely safe to say we should have very HIGH expectations for the new ride given the companies proven track record of delivering global standard ride experiences.

It has also recently been speculated that the introduction of the new indoor Uncharted roller coaster at Portaventura World could also be linked to Alton Towers‘ upcoming Project Horizon, however no evidence has yet surfaced to substantiate this.

The introduction of a similar ride at Alton Towers would make sense given the recent discovery of the term “roller coaster” being mentioned on two different sections of the parks planning application.

We don’t feel Project Horizon would be themed to the same IP though as the Uncharted brand wouldn’t really fit with the resort or the location of the ride (in our opinion).

Overall the addition of an indoor Uncharted roller coaster at Portaventura World makes perfect sense given the nature of the film’s storyline and should prove a big hit with visitors when it finally opens at the park next year!