Could Project Horizon Be An Intamin Multi-Dimensional Coaster?

Could Project Horizon At Alton Towers Be An Indoor Intamin Multi-Dimensional Roller Coaster?

Project Horizon at Alton Towers has quite possibly become one of the most talked about new ride projects here in the UK since the announcement of Project Exodus at Thorpe Park.

There are many claims that the new ride could infact be the long awaited arrival of secret weapon 9, however to date no evidence has arisen to substantiate these rumours.

There has however been many suggestions within the resort’s recent planning application that the new addition could infact be an indoor roller coaster of some kind.

With Portaventura World‘s unique new indoor roller coaster set to open in the not too distant future, we thought we would take a look at the very real possibility that the two projects could infact be linked.

Now we know that sounds a tad outlandish. however hear us out.

Why The Possibility?

Since the announcement of Project Horizon was made earlier this year speculation has run rife both inside and outside of the community regarding possible ride types and scenarios the new addition could encompass.

Since evidence arose of the ride possibly being an indoor roller coaster however, things have really stepped up a gear.

Now, there have been claims that the resort’s new arrival could infact be the second of it’s kind anywhere in the world, and with Portaventura World set to open their brand new ‘world’s first’ addition soon, could Alton Towers’ Project Horizon be the second?

The new ride is an indoor, multi-dimensional roller coaster manufactured and produced by world renown Swiss rides manufacturer Intamin.

The new ride is set to be an indoor roller coaster located in the park’s Far West area.

It will feature dark ride sections, a spike, several launches and a turning platform to name but a few of the ride’s unique features.

A recent 3D layout has infact surfaced on Coasterforce showing exactly how the park’s new ride will look.

Above shows how the intended new ride will look inside the attraction building at Portaventura World near Salou. - *Image Credit: Coasterforce.
Is Project Horizon an Indoor Roller Coaster?

Within the planning application submitted by Alton Towers Resort earlier last month there are two blatant indications of the new addition being a possible new roller coaster at the resort.

Within section 5.2 of the planning application it is stated that “It is not anticipated that the introduction of a new roller coaster will give rise to a demonstrable transport impact”

There is also a second instance within the application of a new roller coaster at the resort being mentioned too.

This to us suggests heavily that Project Horizon will infact be an indoor roller coaster of some kind and given the size and dimensions of the building the attraction will be housed in this seems perfectly plausible.

Below shows the highlighted section of the application within which the introduction of a new roller coaster at the resort is mentioned.

The image comes courtesy of a recent post by TowersTimes investigating the very real possibility that this could infact be the case.

"It is not anticipated that the introduction of a new roller coaster will give rise to a demonstrable transport impact" - *Image credit TowersTimes.
So Why An Intamin Multi-Dimensional Roller Coaster?

When it comes to the introduction of new attractions at Merlin Entertainments owned parks and attractions its become no secrets that they like their ‘firsts’.

The introduction of this type of ride at the resort would make it the ‘first of it’s kind’ anywhere in the UK and would follow the company’s trend of adding this style of attraction to their parks.

An indoor multi-dimensional roller coaster would also be the perfect fit for the park too and would allow a greater depth of creativity where themeing Project Horizon is concerned.

As to what the theme of the ride could be however, we can’t yet say, although you can bet your bottom dollar it will be cool and something very unique to the Alton Towers Resort.

An Indoor roller coaster also allows for a greater depth of immersion too and allows the ride to draw it’s audience deeper into the story than that of an outdoor attraction.

It also allows for some well placed surprises along the way and a ride of this kind would almost certainly provide that opportunity.

Overall, we definitely feel that the possibility of Project Horizon being an indoor Intamin multi-dimensional roller coaster remains high and we wouldn’t be too surprised if it were infact to become the case.

The above image taken from the planning application gives us a much greater look at the sheer scale of the ride's new attraction building including the provision of a themed entrance portal on the exterior of the attraction - *Image Credit TowersTimes.
When Will We Find Out More?

If there is one UK park that loves to play things very close to the chest it’s definitely Alton Towers,

The likelihood of us finding out more about the new ride before the start of 2024 at least remains very low and we wouldn’t be surprised if we find out very little at all until the new ride actually opens.

We will of course be privy to the ride’s name and theme in due course, however as to what the ride will encompass? Well, that remains to be seen.

All we do know at present is that John Wardley (Alton Towers Resort’s legendary ride designer) is said to be attached to 3 projects at current and Project horizon is believed to be one of them.

Given the park’s past record of world’s firsts and unique attractions though it’s definitely safe to say that we should be very excited regardless of what they have instore for us.

Do you think there is a chance Project Horizon could infact be a ride of this kind? We’d love to know your thoughts and theories on this in the comments below!

Thank you very much for reading.