If We Could Add ANYTHING To ANY UK Theme Park We Would…

We Share Our Top 5 Fantasy UK Theme Park Attractions We Would Add & Where If Money Wasn't An Option!

Ahhhh, What If? Those two all important words we ask ourselves from time to time as we imagine what could be if only we were in charge.

As enthusiasts most of us imagine (from time to time) what we would do if we were in control of our favourite theme parks and money wasn’t an option.

What would we put in? Where would it go? And how would it look if it really happened?!

For some of us these fantasy attractions remain exactly that, a fantasy and for others, well? We may just be lucky enough to see them happen one day.

As content creators we also get asked the question “If you could put ANYTHING into ANY UK theme park what would it be and where?” alot too, therefore……….

In this brand new post we thought it would be fun to do something a little different as we imagine our Top 5 ‘what could be’s’ if only we had the chance.

An RMC Hybrid At Flamingo Land resort.

Okay, so let’s get the stereotypical theme park enthusiast ‘go to’ addition out of the way first and admit there is nothing we would like more than to see an RMC Hybrid coaster here in the UK.

It’s no secret that every UK theme park enthusiast worth their salt wants to see one of this magnificent rides grace our shores, however unlike most others we would prefer it went to our home park –Flamingo Land Resort instead of Thorpe Park!

Not only would a ride of this kind fit in with the park’s current ride line up perfectly, however it would be a bold statement for the park to make and would really put them on the map.

An RMC Hybrid would fit perfectly on the land located behind Kumali on the other side of the lake and (to our knowledge) the resort doesn’t fall subject to height restrictions meaning the possibilities would be endless.

You could really create something special and the park with this kind of ride – maybe a roller coaster on par with the likes of Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay or Zadra at Energylandia.

Chances are however, we would be more likely to see something either on par with Untamed at Walibi Holland or Arieforce One at Fun Spot America Atlanta were it to actually happen.

Overall, if we had full control and money wasn’t an option this would be top of our list to add to the UK theme park industry.

Just imagine one of these beasts at Flamingo Land resort dominating the park's skyline behind Kumali!! - *Image Credit Seaworld Parks.
An Intamin Gyro Swing At Alton Towers.

Aha, bet you thought we were going to say drop tower didn’t you? haha!

Well, okay we would love to see that, however we would prefer to see an Intamin Gyro Swing at Alton Towers Resort more!

The thought of seeing one of these beauties swinging backwards and forwards in the spot where The Blade now stands (as opposed to it’s current occupant) is delicious, and very appealing to say the least.

A ride of this kind would also suit the area much better in our opinion too and would add a real sense of ‘thrill’ back to Forbidden valley alongside the presence of Nemesis (when she eventually re-opens) and AIR (okay, go on then, Galactica).

We have said for years that we could see a ride of this kind fitting in perfectly at Alton Towers and we still stand by our word.

Now, it wouldn’t have to be something HUGE per-say, just something on par with Maelstrom at Drayton Manor would do, however If It was up to us (and height restrictions at the resort weren’t a thing), well………………

A Giant Intamin Gyro Swing definitely wouldn’t go amiss lol!

Harley Quinn at SFA - Imagine one these dominating Foridden Valley alongside the beast?! - *Image Credit Park Journey.
A Vekoma Flying Coaster At Thorpe Park Resort.

If there’s one roller coaster we have looked at in the last 5 years and thought “ooooh, you know what? We’d love to see one of those here on our shores” it has to be F.L.Y at Phantasialand!

Now we know what you were probably thinking, “Oh Thorpe Park? They’re going to say RMC!” – nope, not this time!

If there was ever a perfect UK theme park to showcase this incredible ride type, it has to be Thorpe Park Resort in Surrey.

F.L.Y utilises an innovative new technology to switch guests from a seated to flying position and if we’re honest, we can’t think why this wasn’t thought of sooner? It’s such a simple concept!

A Vekoma flying coaster would not only fit perfectly behind The Swarm, however the absence of ‘true’ height restrictions would allow the resort to create something quite special.

In recent years it’s fair to say that two ride manufacturers have stood out to us as leading the way where innovation within the industry is concerned & Vekoma definitely has to be one of them.

As to theme maybe go with a medieval theme of some kind? Perhaps wrapping and diving it’s way up and around a castle of some kind?

When you look at what Phantasialand have achieved though, you can’t deny that ride isn’t breathtaking amongst it’s steam punk clad back drop?!

"F.L.Y utilises an innovative new technology to switch guests from a seated to flying position and if we're honest, we can't think why this wasn't thought of sooner?" - *Image credit - Phantasialand.
A Raptor at Drayton Manor.

“Oh god, they’ve gone back to talking about RMC again!” – haha, we know you’re thinking it, but hear us out!

An RMC Raptor (single rail) coaster would not only be a ‘perfect fit’ for Drayton Manor, however it would also cater to the park’s ‘family thrill’ market and bring something truly unique to the resort.

An RMC Raptor is compact, can fit alot into one space and has the potential to be one of the best compact roller coasters in the country if done right.

Now, there are many who would prefer to see a Vekoma STC (Suspended Thrill Coaster – New Gen Kumali or Infusion) at the park, but we say a single rail roller coaster would be the way to go.

If you look at what’s been achieved with the likes of RailBlazer at California’s Great America or Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (yes, we know they’re both virtually the same ride – if not identical) then it’s safe to say that fitting a ride of this kind into the former Apocalypse and Pandemonium area would prove no problem at all.

Overall, Raptors are quick, efficient and do what they do very well indeed – they thrill and scare all who ride them due to the openness of the ride vehicle and the 1 rider per row setup.

This (in our opinion) would make them an IDEAL candidate for Drayton Manor Resort near Tamworth!

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster located at Six Flags Fiesta Texas utilising a small space for maximum thrill - *Image credit - Six Flags Wiki.
A MACK Rides Power Splash at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Let’s get one thing straight here, we love Kumali at Flamingo Land, but Infusion at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the complete polar opposite!!

It’s rough, jarring and sports a re-rideability of 0! For that reason we certainly wouldn’t be adverse to seeing it leave the park, but what would we replace it with?

As much as we’re tempted to say MACK rides Big Dipper (and that would look incredible in that spot) we would keep the water theme and go with a MACK rides Power Splash instead.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking, “it wouldn’t fit?” – well it would if you also removed the stairs etc. where Infusion is and some of the former Bowladrome too.

Doing so would open up a HUGE space and would allow for a sizable ride to fit in that location.

When you look at the sheer ferocity of Pulsar at Walibi Belgium and the kind of experience that entails, it’s no secret that having one in Blackpool would be EPIC (Even better for PBE water ride takeovers too)!

Pulsar at Walibi Belgium is a gigantic water ride and allows for the perfect mixture of heart pounding thrills and a good old fashioned soaking at the same time! - *Image credit - MACK Rides.
Is That All You Would Do?

Come on? You didn’t think we would be that narrow minded did you?

Of course it isn’t! We have endless ideas where replacing rides or adding new ones at UK theme parks are concerned and at the end of the day we’re sure you have an endless list of your own too.

Additions such as a Vekoma STC at Oakwood Theme Park or the addition of an Intamin Drop Tower in X-Sector (in Enterprise’s place) wouldn’t go amiss and we certainly wouldn’t turn down a low terrain multi-launched Blitz coaster in the place of Congo River Rapids either!

The list is endless, but the above just showcase some of the main new additions we would love to see here in the UK if money wasn’t an object (oh, and we had a say in it too haha)!

Why not let us know a few of your fantasy ride additions in the comments below? Is there a certain ride or attraction you would replace in favour of a very specific replacement?

Let us know below, we’d love to know! Thank you very much for reading.