Thorpe Park’s Skyline Changes Drastically!


Thorpe Park's Skyline Changes Drastically As Hyperia Continues To Climb Skyward!

Thorpe Park‘s skyline is quickly changing drastically as Hyperia – the park’s brand new 2024 MACK Rides Hyper coaster continues to grow!

The park have shared images this morning showing how much the skyline has changed already as construction workers continue to install the ride’s highly unique, twisted turn around section.

The element in question is reported to stand at around the 165 ft mark, but that’s not even the tallest part of the ride.

Hyperia’s lift hill, which is set to reach heights of 236 ft has still yet to begin installation and once up will take the record for the UK’s tallest roller coaster from The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach by 23ft.

Regardless, recent photos really put into perspective for many just how much of a beast this ride really is increasing it’s hype with many of Thorpe Park’s avid fans.

The above shot taken from the park's iconic bridge near the entrance really puts into perspective just how TALL this ride really is!

Vertical construction of the ride may have only begun just over one week ago, however so far many of the ride’s track and supports as well as the steel framework for the station building have already been lifted and fixed into place.

It’s clear that once complete, Hyperia is set to dominate Thorpe Park’s skyline removing the focus from Stealth once and for all as the highest point at the park.

Thorpe Park have also been doing an amazing job at keep all of their fans up to date too with regular photos being uploaded weekly to their official pass holder group over on Facebook.

Jack Silkstone, who works directly with Thorpe Park has been doing a wonderful job of keeping us all ‘in the loop’ too as he uploads regular construction update videos to his channel every few days.

Overall, the change of focus on Thorpe Park’s skyline not only signifies the beginning of a new ear for the park but also UK roller coaster & theme park fans too who currently have four brand new roller coasters to look forward to riding in 2024.