Thomas And Percy’s Submarine Splash Opens At Drayton Manor!


Thomas and Percy's Submarine Splash Officially Opens At Drayton Manor!

Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash has officially opened to the public for the first time today at Drayton Manor.

The family theme park resort based near Tamworth plays host to the UK’s only (and Europe’s only) Thomas and Friends fully dedicated land.

With Thomas Land officially turning 15 years old this year, it seemed only fair that Drayton Manor should choose to add yet another new ride to it’s line up.

Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash takes young adventurers through the ‘splash-tastic’ twists and turns of Thomas Land’s very own water ride as they race against time to help the steamy duo make their delivery.

“Splash into your very own adventure with exciting twists and turns along the way! Can you help Thomas & Percy make a very important delivery?

Join the can-do submarine crew, on this brand-new flume ride, perfect for little Thomas & Friends fans!”

Thomas and Percy's Submarine Splash is the official name of Drayton Manor's BRAND NEW junior Log Flume located in Thomas Land.

As with any family ride, Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash does of course come with it’s own restrictions and these are as follows.

Riders must be at least 2 years of age to ride the ride and those over the age of 6 may ride unaccompanied, however those between the ages of 2 and 6 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Boats can seat either 1 adult and 1 child per boat or 2 children per boat and those either under the influence or over the weight of 120 kg’s will unfortunately not be permitted to ride.

Those riding must also be at least 0.9 meters tall to ride and guests under 1.2 meters must also be accompanied by an adult too.

Bags may be taken onboard and must be stored in the foot well of the boats, however riders may also choose to leave bags with non riders as well.

All wheelchairs and pushchairs must be stored outside the parameter of the ride at all times and will not be permitted on the loading platform.

Overall, Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash looks set to make the perfect new, family friendly water ride in the park’s Thomas Land area.

The ride’s opening also seems the perfect way to help celebrate the end of the land’s 15th year’s festivities which have run from the 1st of April all the way through until the 30th.

Will you be paying a visit with your family over the coming weeks to check out Thomas and Percy’s Submarine Splash for yourself?

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