Ghost Train Opening Date Announced By Thorpe Park!


Ghost Train Opening Date Revealed By Thorpe Park Resort!

Ghost TrainThorpe Park‘s chilling NEW for 2023 re-imagining of their former VR based dark ride Derren Brown’s Ghost Train now has an opening date!

In an official announcement this morning via their social media Thorpe Park resort revealed that their terrifying new ride will open to the public at midday on May 26th 2023.

The announcement comes following months of speculation by fans as to exactly when in Spring the new ride will open.

Ghost Train is said to combine multi-sensory special effects with live actors and immersive new sets to create a real one of a kind experience that will chill those brave enough to experience it to their core.

The ride also removes the VR headsets formerly used on it’s predecessor and focuses instead on a much more physical experience.

Ghost Train is said to boast the UK’s longest dark ride experience and will take those daring enough into the bowels of Thorpe Park Resort where it’s said that the supernatural believers call home.

“This next generation of Ghost Train will take you on a harrowing ride into the realms beneath THORPE PARK Resort to where the supernatural believers call home. Ghost Train is one of the UK’s longest ride experiences featuring live actors and multi-sensory effects to create a terrifying attraction like no other!

There’s nothing virtual about this petrifying experience, so prepare to meet your maker as you come face-to-face with horrors that dwell within.”

Along with today’s announcement came a chilling new piece of concept art too depicting the Grim Reaper ready to welcome those reaching their ‘final destination’.

The above piece of new concept art was revealed today along with the announcement of Ghost Train's impending opening date!

Its also been confirmed that Ghost Train will have a separate RAP (Ride Access Pass) entrance too, however fast track is yet to be implemented.

This means those requiring additional assistance will still get to experience Thorpe Park’s incredible new dark ride.

Finally, it’s also been confirmed those wishing to experience Ghost Train will also no longer require a timed ticket to do so.

You need only enter the queue line and await your turn as you quiver with anticipation at the terrifying journey lying ahead.

Overall, we can’t wait to experience this fantastic sounding new attraction during it’s opening day and we look forward to sharing our first reactions in the full vlog following our visit!

In the meantime why not also check out our brand new news update over on our official channel to hear more about what we expect to see from Ghost Train at Thorpe Park?