Theme Park Insanity interviews ScareTrack.

We sit down for a creepy catch up with the one and only Mikey from ScareTrack!

When it comes to UK based content creators dedicated to covering all things eerie and macabre they don’t get much bigger than the incredible driving force that are ScareTrack!

ScareTrack are the UK’s first ever podcast to officially dedicate themselves to covering the scare attraction and haunted house industry.

Now, it’s no secret that when it comes to all things spooky and horror related, here at TPI we simply just can’t get enough.

We were therefore absolutely thrilled when we were recently given the opportunity to sit down with Mikey and get to know more about how this fantastically creepy podcast first came to be!

Here’s how things went;

Who are ScareTrack?

ScareTrack is the first U.K based podcast showcasing the scare attraction industry. We bring listeners interviews with creative creators, actors, make up artists and more.

We record on location review episodes of attractions along with discussion and debate episodes.

We also run a YouTube channel on the side with ScareCam episodes, Behind The Screams videos of attractions and more. 

"Record on location review episodes of attractions along with discussion and debate episodes"
What first inspired it's inception?

Back in 2015, a friend approached me about starting the first U.K based scare podcast.

There’s some great shows in the USA but nothing over here. We had both been reviewing for a review site for a number of years and decided to set up the podcast.

We recorded a few shows but it slowed down after Halloween whilst he focused on other projects, so I took charge of ScareTrack with my wife Hannah and have continued in our new direction for the last 5 years. 

The ScareTrack team on location (Mikey and wife Hannah).
How have you found the journey as content creators so far?

It’s been amazing! The scare community is so sharing, loving and caring.

We have been so welcomed to many attractions and events which genuinely means a lot.

I’m so humbled by our followers too, they are such a supportive group of people. 

What would you say are the main inspirations behind the content you create?

I’m a huge fan of the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast which helped greatly when setting up ScareTrack, so they are a huge inspiration.

The attractions themselves are also big inspiration, I love sharing how amazing the U.K scare scene is with the rest of the world. 

Which UK based scare attraction would you say stands out as your all time favourite?

That has to be the hardest question.

We have experienced so many fantastic scare attractions, zombie chases, immersive theatre and extreme haunts, so picking a stand out is extremely difficult.

However honorable mentions have to go to the attractions that really made an impact on the rest of the scare scene.

Experiment 10 at Thorpe Park paved the way for less linear style attractions whilst Project Fear by GNG Entertainment was the first of many extreme haunts here in the U.K 

Who is ScareTrack outside of being content creators?

There’s actually 7 of us behind ScareTrack.

Myself Mikey along with Hannah are the two main hosts and feature in the bulk of episodes of the podcast and our YouTube content.

Outside of the Scare World, Hannah is a Manager of a pub/restaurant whilst I am a Manager of a Family Entertainment Center.

Our guest hosts include Polly, who runs Celluloid Screams Horror film festival, Dan and Jess who created the documentary U.K HAUNTERS, Kate who is a full time MUA, and Martin who is an amazing father and supermarket Manager 

The ScareTrack team out and about in their element!
Other than visiting theme parks and attractions, is there anything else you share the same level of passion for?

Other than scream parks and theme parks, I’m a huge fan of Theatre.

I studied Theatre for my Ba Hons Degree and it comes in very handy when reviewing attractions.

I’m a huge fan of Pro Wrestling, for the theatrics and showmanship.

More recently I have developed a huge passion for video creation and making mini movies, some feature within ScareTrack on our YouTube channel whilst others we have developed for scream parks to use in their promotional marketing.  

Mikey and Hannah paying an annual visit to Tulleys Shocktober Fest.
How did you find your last year changed (if at all) by the pandemic?

2020 was a grim year.

We had far less attractions to visit and were locked indoors for what felt like forever.

We always try to find the positives though, one being able to use technology to try attractions we would never usually get chance to experience.

For example, tackling the amazing Evil Dead 2 Escape Room in Seattle! Something that wouldn’t have happened without Covid.

We also experienced The Retreat, the first scare attraction created due to
Covid, a completely socially distanced experience.
We were also lucky enough to experience a Drive-Thru haunt, something I don’t think we would have seen without Covid.
What would you say you are you most excited for this year and why?

This year I’m very excited about Scream Fields Fear Park, a brand new scream park coming this Halloween season.

We often get new mazes at existing parks but to have 5 brand new experiences and a huge brand new park is very exciting! 

Finally, what does the future hold for Scare Track? Is there anything you can tease us with?

In 2021 we want to bring more episodes than ever before.

We will of course continue with the podcast but also try and build even further on our video content on YouTube.

We are planning more Behind The Screams episodes too so keep your eyes peeled.

"2021 we want to bring more episodes than ever before."

We would like to offer huge thanks to Mikey for taking the time out to share this fantastic further insight into the horror drenched world of ScareTrack!

It really has been fantastic to learn so much more about who ScareTrack are and what they’re all about!

We can’t wait for the 2021 Halloween season to kick in, and with that being case to see what wonderfully freaky delights ScareTrack have in store for us this All Hallows Season.

If you haven’t already then be sure to check ScareTrack out across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as their fully dedicated YouTube channel by clicking on the relevant links.

We really hope you have enjoyed this fantastic insight as much as we have and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this fantastic team in the months and years ahead!