The World of David Walliams – Now Open at Alton Towers!

The World of David Walliams at Alton Towers Resort proves an Instant Hit!

The World of David Walliams at Alton Towers Resort has finally welcomed guests today (May 17th 2021) after suffering a delay of well over a year due to the pandemic.

The brand new area featuring Gangsta Granny: The Ride (the new area’s headline attraction) was originally penned to open back in 2020 (the resort’s 40th anniversary), however due to the ongoing pandemic the resort took the decision to delay the opening until May 2021.

Today however, guests were finally invited to explore the brand new area and check out everything the World of David Walliams had to offer.

Walk through the heavily themed entrance and experience the imaginative world of this highly acclaimed author.
What is The World of David Walliams?

The World of David Walliams is an imaginative new area (located in the former Cloud Cuckoo Land area of the resort) based around the popular children’s literature of acclaimed British actor and writer David Walliams.

The new area features 4 new ride experiences including an incredible new dark ride – Gangsta Granny: The Ride.

The new headline addition (which is based on the author’s most popular book) takes riders on an interactive journey alongside a Ben and his Grandmother as they attempt the heist of a lifetime to steal the crown jewels.

Other additions to the area include Raj’s Bouncy Bottom Burp (a junior drop tower), The Royal Carousel (a traditional Carousel ride) and Falvio’s Fabulous Fandango (a traditional fairground sizzler).

The new area also includes Raj’s Shop – a gift shop named after the corner shop featured in the Gangsta Granny book where guests can purchase a full range of official souvenirs and more.

Presenting Gangsta Granny: The Ride - a brand new fully immersive interactive dark ride based on the authors most popular book Gangsta Granny!
What do we think?

Not only has The World of David Walliams lived up to our expectations, however it has completely smashed them out of the park at the same time!

With a consistent high level of attention to detail throughout this brand new area fully immerses visitors into imaginative and downright wacky world of the author who’s books the area is based around.

Boasting bright colours galore and a real cartoon-esque appeal this exciting new addition makes the perfect family friendly mid-ground addition to the resort delivering an experience the whole family can enjoy.

With the fantastic addition of a thrilling flat ride as well as a truly immersive dark ride experience it’s safe to say that we definitely feel the resort have made the right move in added this to their line up.

Over the last few years the resort have suffered heavily when it comes to providing fun for those stuck in the in-between stage between CBeebies Land and the bigger additions, and The World of David Walliams definitely fills the gap.

Gangsta Granny: The Ride also makes the perfect addition to the area.

With everything from some incredible special effects to a fully immersive experience the resort’s third dark ride really does place riders at the heart of the action delivering an experience you won’t soon forget.

What could the future hold?

It’s definitely safe to say that this is one new area with a huge potential for future expansion, and this is down to the amount of books written by the author in question.

With the area’s theatre space (formerly Ice Age 4D) still currently unoccupied, we definitely feel The World of David Walliams could well see further expansion in the years to come with regards to new attractions.

The other thing you can’t ignore is the proximity of the area to the Alton Towers Dungeon (which let’s face it definitely has a very temporary feel).

Although we feel The Alton Towers Dungeon makes a great addition to the resort, the one bug bare we have always had is the fact it’s an up-charge attraction.

Space within the building however is vast and could be very well utilized to include a completely new addition to the area outside of the current boundaries as a potential future expansion, and we are under no delusions that the resort will have more than likely already considered this.

Currently unoccupied - the former Ice Age 4D theatre space.
In Conclusion

It’s far to say we can definitely see The World of David Walliams proving a instant hit with enthusiasts and the general public alike in the months ahead.

With everything from a great, unique IP to some of the best themeing to be introduced at Alton Towers in some time, The World of David Walliams makes the perfect addition to the resort for thrill seekers and families alike.

Will you be heading down to Alton Towers anytime soon to check this out for yourselves? Let us know in the comments below!