Smell the Fear! Reviewing the Aromaprime Thorpe Park Fright Nights Fan Collection!

Smell the Fear! Sampling the Thorpe Park Fright Nights Aromaprime Fan Collection!

Can you really smell fear?! Does the addition of a scent based themeing addition really add an extra depth to the experience?! We certainly think so!

Aromaprime Themed Scents are an up and coming industry leading company when it comes to producing memorable scents which can be added to any style of experience in order to give the overall experience an extra depth and help to leave you with a lasting memory which will not soon be forgotten! Aromaprime’s scents ranges have been used throughout the leisure and entertainment industry in everything from museums to thematic attractions and themed walk throughs to dark rides in order to help create a much more immersive experience for all those who visit!

The company recently teamed up with the guys over at Thorpe Park Resort however to create a special range of scents which they have called the Thorpe Park Fright Nights Fan Collection! This collection features some of the most memorable scents used in some of the park’s stand out horror walk through attractions and the collection features 4 scents overall – Creek Freak Massacre, Platform 15, Containment and Screamplex Cinema!

The Scents

Each scent has a very different and very unique style of it’s own and as such here is a breakdown of each scent individually to try and give a clearer picture of what you can expect were you to purchase this range for yourself!;

Creek Freak Massacre

Creek Freak Massacre is a very strong scent indeed! This is instantly recognisable as one which has been used throughout the years in various other different attractions such as all of ‘The Dungeons’ locations in one form or another, many of the various different Merlin theme park based Halloween Horror walk throughs and many other different locations as well!

The scent consists of a very rusty metallic smell, mixed with a hint of rot and an overall industrial scent to cap it off! This fantastic scent really helps to set the scene for any attraction or scene in an attraction of this type such as ‘Creek Freak Massacre’, ‘The Executioner’ scene in York Dungeon or ‘The Torturer’ scene in the London Dungeon! Overall it’s fair to say that this is definitely one scent you will not soon forget!

Platform 15

Platform 15 has a very distinctive smell indeed and it’s one which is instantly recognisable as resembling the smell of a steam railway! The mix of the smell of smoke and soot really helps to give the feel of a Victorian era railway and given the attraction this particular scent features in it’s very apt indeed! there are also slight hints of wood smoke mixed in too and these really help to add to the overall authenticity of this particular addition to this great collection!

With regards to whether or not this has been used in any other locations is not really something I could clarify, however it is definitely far from the scent of the wood smoke used on ‘The Wickerman’ at Alton Towers! The likelihood is that if you were lucky enough to experience ‘The Attic: Terror of the Towers’ at Alton Towers Scarefest 2019 then you may well recognise this scent being used in the infamous burning house finale!


This is a very unique scent indeed and is instantly reminiscent of hospitals and dental surgeries! The mixture of a distinctive clinical smell mixed with the undertones of what I would imagine rot to smell like really make this scent perfectly suited to use in this particular attraction! There is also a very mild citrus smell underlying in this as well and this makes for a very interesting combination given the attraction the scent is used for.

I can see this working very well in other clinical theme based attractions and wouldn’t be surprised if this scent is used in the likes of ‘Project 42’ at Alton Towers. With regards to other locations this scent may be used it really is difficult to say, however the likelihood of this being so is very high indeed! Another great addition to the set!

Fright Nights Screamplexx Cinema

This final of the four is a very differently designed scent indeed and does not follow the same lurid tones as it’s predecessors! With hints of buttered popcorn, sweet sticky molasses and sugar in general it’s fair to say that this particular addition will be perfect for the location in which it is used! The theme of a classic movie theatre is the case here and this scent certainly adds to this atmosphere, however there is also a very slight sour note to the scent as well maybe trying to give for the illusion that all is not as it first appears!

It is highly likely that this particular scent may well be used in other different parts of the entertainment industry such as actual cinemas in general, therefore it is very difficult to say with certainty that this is definitely used in other locations for sure, however as previously mentioned the likelihood remains extremely high indeed!

Now let’s discuss Fright Nights in general as a thematic annual event and how we feel that the use of this type of addition would benefit it further in creating lasting memories for all those who visit!

Fright Nights is Thorpe Park’s annual Halloween horror spectacular and features everything from IP. based horror such as the Walking Dead to non IP. such as Creek Freak Massacre! It’s an annual event that see’s thousands upon thousands visiting to put their wits to the test against the park’s nerve shredding offereings and it’s therefore safe to say that if the park are wantin to create lasting memories of this then the addition of scent based themeing is definitely the way to go! If you have ever been somewhere and smelt something which is instantly recognisable as something you have experienced elsewhere then you are surly going to be remembering your experience with the addition of these for the years to come!

Annual Horror Based spectacular

Overall we really feel that this fan focused partnership initiative by AromaPrime Themed Scents and Thorpe Park Resort was a fantastic idea! Having these scents readily available for purchase by theme park and attractions enthusiasts is certainly a move which will help the company grow, however it also gives us (the general public) the chance to own our own little piece of all our favourite attractions at home as well!

We really hope that going forward we also see other parks such as Alton Towers doing exactly the same and we can’t wait to see what the company have in store as we head towards Halloween 2020 in way of this!

Aromaprime sell their scents in various different sizes and these can range from a 25ml bottle to a full size 1L bottle! They also sell various different options in the way of infusers as well and more information on this can be found on their official website;

Experts in Thematic Scents for all different types of attractions

We would like to give special recognition to Liam – Aromaprime’s Attractions Consultant and Head of Marketing for his exemplary costumer service he offered when we first approached the company to request this opportunity and we can’t wait to hopefully bring you further reviews of some of their other products going forward!

Thank you very much for reading!