FLAMINGO LAND Confirm ‘SIK’ New Roller Coaster’s Name!


'SIK' New Roller Coaster Name Confirmed By Flamingo Land Resort!

Flamingo Land Resort near Malton, North Yorkshire have today confirmed the name of their heavily anticipated ‘SIK’ new roller coaster!

The announcement comes following the release by the park of on ride footage captured during recent testing.

Upon revealing the name in an official press release, the park also confirmed the heavily speculated partnership with local fashion brand SIK SILK and revealed the theme of the ride to be “street fashion”.

Flamingo Land’s massive new attraction is to be called ‘Sik’. This is a word which our core market for the attraction can identify with, but also because the theme of the ride is street fashion.”

SIK is currently carrying out regular test runs at Flamingo Land Resort as the park work towards a projected Summer 2022 opening - *Image Credit Flamingopics.

Speaking about the now confirmed partnership with SIK SILK, Flamingo Land have said;

“We are proud to announce that we are working with our great friends at Sik Silk, a well-known world fashion brand with very local links.

The owner of Flamingo Land and Sik Silk Gordon Gibb (FL) and Sam Kay, David Johnston and Barry Gill (SS) have been friends for years and they wanted to join their two successful local brands and tell their respective stories in an exciting project, and what better backdrop than a new world class roller coaster.

Both companies are a true British success story with very local roots. Sik Silk based in Scarborough with the 3 owners being born and bred there and started their company from one of their bedrooms on a Scarborough Council Estate.”

Today’s confirmation of the ride’s name & theme marks a HUGE leap forward in progress and gives hope to those who (like us) can’t wait to experience SIK for themselves.

Flamingo Land have however still yet to reveal SIK’s opening date but we don’t think it will be too much longer before that happens.

Current speculation puts the projected opening date for the new ride around late June/early July, and that certainly seems feasible at this stage.

Flamingo Land only started testing (Click Here) their brand new ride recently and since doing so it’s gained massive attention from those on park. 

Are you excited to experience SIK this Summer? Let us know your thoughts on today’s breaking news in the comments below!