INVERSIONFlamingo Land Resort’s exciting NEW RIDE has finally begun test runs this evening (25th of May 2022).

After nearly two years since construction ground to a halt due to the pandemic, the park have finally reached the testing stage of construction on their brand new ride.

Testing officially commenced on the evening of the 25th of May 2022 & has given a first taste of what we can expect.

Flamingo Land Resort recently confirmed they were aiming for a Summer 2022 opening and tonight’s progress definitely supports that.

Check out the below footage captured by our friends over at Flamingo Land Crazy & Theme Park Crackers showing Inversion in action!

The above footage not only shares a first look at the ride’s pace, however it also gives us a better idea of how the ride will take it’s elements.

There has however been footage circulating showing the test dummies falling out whilst the ride tests.

Whilst this may make the ride look unsafe, we can 100% assure you this is definitely NOT THE CASE!!

This has happened as a result of the wrong test dummies being installed in readiness for testing.

Having spoken to several different sources we believe that the dummies used were the ones used to test Mumbo Jumbo.

As a result these types of test dummies are infact designed to be used on rides supporting over the shoulder restraints and not lap bars.

Regardless of this however today’s commencement of testing marks a huge leap forward for Inversion and puts it on course for the park’s projected opening.

Are you excited to ride Inversion this Summer? Let us know your expectations in the comments below!

Thanks very much for reading.