SEAWORLD ORLANDO Announce "First Of It's Kind" SURF COASTER For 2023!

Seaworld Orlando have FINALLY confirmed the addition of their highly anticipated SURF COASTER for the park’s 2023 season.

This exciting new roller coaster will be the “first of it’s kind” anywhere worldwide and utilises the stand up concept in an exciting new way.

The ride will aim to give riders the feeling of surfing the waves without actually getting them wet or throwing them overboard.

"You've never felt the power of the ocean like this before!"

Revealing the brand new ride on their official website, Seaworld Orlando unveil their upcoming attraction and put emphasis on what to expect from their upcoming 7th roller coaster;

“You won’t believe what’s rolling in next. Orlando’s coaster capital is getting a seventh entry, and this one is truly a first. Get ready to feel the power of the Pacific right here in Florida, letting the waves launch you on a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure.

Catch the thrill in 2023, only at SeaWorld Orlando.”

"feel the power of the Pacific right here in Florida, letting the waves launch you on a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure"

Although not much has been revealed about EXACTLY what you can expect, Seaworld Orlando have made it abundantly clear that this brand new roller coaster will be the “first of it’s kind”.

Looking at the concept footage we can tell that not only will the stand up position be adopted, however riders will also be launched at the same time too.

This will take the stand up concept to a whole new level and will be the first NEW stand up roller coaster to be introduced at any park worldwide in quite some time.

The brand new restraint system (click here for more info) also allows for greater freedom of movement & places less restriction on those riding.

Overall, it’s fair to say you can expect a much comfier ride experience from this exciting new addition when it opens at the park in 2023.

Surf the waves in 2023!!

Seaworld Orlando are however still yet to announce any official opening date for the ride but ongoing construction certainly gives the impression they’re working to a very tight deadline.

If Ice Breaker (their most recent addition) is anything to go by it’s fair to say we can probably expect an opening date of around summer 2023.

Overall, we can’t wait to see how Seaworld Orlando’s brand new ride comes together in the months ahead and we’ll be sure to keep you all updated as and when more is released.

Thank you very much for reading!