COLOSSUS Retrack Plan Revealed By Thorpe Park.


Colossus Retrack Plan Revealed By Thorpe Park Resort.

The Colossus retrack is happening and after months of speculation by enthusiasts, Thorpe Park Resort finally revealed the works were underway to retrack the park’s iconic 10 inversion roller coaster.

Colossus first opened at the park back in 2002 and at the time of opening took the world record for most inversions featured on any roller coaster anywhere in the world.

Since doing so however it’s fair to say that the ride has become increasingly more rough with each and every year that has passed.

Like Nemesis at Alton Towers, it is hoped that the Colossus retrack will help secure the Intamin Multi-Inversion roller coaster’s future with the park & will ensure that future generations can experience “The Power of 10” too.

The Colossus retrack was first revealed to be happening by the park in a TikTok reel in which images of the vacant track was shared alongside a rather catchy quote.

Since happening, fans of the ride have become increasingly more curious as to what they can expect and how long the ride will take to retrack.

"The Colossus retrack was first revealed to be happening by the park in a TikTok reel" - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park Resort.

Finally, after months of asking however Thorpe Park shared an official update of their annual pass holder group stating “We’ve had a lot of questions about Colossus, so here is all the info we have”.

The park firstly discuss how they expect the retrack work to take place;

“We have kicked off a re-tracking project, this will continue over a number of closed seasons. We hope to have Colossus operational throughout.”

This reveals that the works are expected to follow an identical format to that of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s ongoing Big One retrack.

It is also rumoured that Colossus’ new track will also be manufactured and fabricated by none of other than Lancashire based engineering contractors Taziker.

Taziker are well known as being the company responsible for fabricating The Big One’s new track, therefore it would seem only fitting that the firm would also be suited to completing the Colossus retrack too.

Further more, in a recent update by an eagle eyed theme park enthusiast some of Colossus’ old track was spotted onsite in the companies car park.

Going on to discuss the reason behind their choice to retrack the ride Thorpe Park state “The new track will prolong the life of Colossus so ‘it’ll never leave you’. We hope this will provide a smoother ride experience.”

Although the track will certainly play a role in the overall ‘smoothness’ of the ride, many have stated that the main issue lies with the ride’s ‘uncomfortable’ trains and their restraints.

Thorpe Park doe however also address this too stating that “We have no plans to replace the current trains or restraints.”

"The new track will prolong the life of Colossus so 'it'll never leave you'. We hope this will provide a smoother ride experience." - *Image Credit - Thorpe Park Resort.

Although this will undoubtedly come as a major disappointment to many who hoped they might one day see SIK’s lap bar trains implemented on the UK’s original Intamin 10 looping roller coaster, there’s no doubt that the Colossus retrack will make a HUGE difference to the ride experience overall.

We’ll be sure to keep you all up to date over the coming months and years as this project progresses, however for now things are definitely looking positive where the Colossus retrack and the park’s overall future as a whole is concerned