Project Exodus Footer Markings Appear At Thorpe Park!


Project Exodus Footer Markings Appear On The Construction Site For Thorpe Park's New Roller Coaster!

Project Exodus construction is continuing to push forward at Thorpe Park following the appearance of footer markings for the resort’s new 2024 roller coaster.

Following on the ongoing leveling of the park’s former Old Town area, spray paint markings for the new ride’s footers have been spotted by eagle eyed fans of the park.

These have also now been shared by Thorpe Park themselves in a recent construction update over on the park’s official pass holder group.

Along the Project Exodus construction images, Thorpe Park also confirmed the following had also taken place;

🖍 Markings can be seen around the site for groundwork

🗓 Next major phase of ground works commencing very soon
🌧 The site has now dried out following heavy rain
🏗 Crane standing platform in place”
Spray painted footer markings can now be seen within the construction site of Project Exodus.

As mentioned above, the next major phase of ground works on Project Exodus is expected to begin very soon, but what can we expect?

Well, in order to continue the installation of the ride’s foundations, drilling of the footer locations will have to take place.

This is expected to begin as soon as next month and will form the first stage of placing Project Exodus’ ride footers.

Next, pouring of concrete and the placing of footer cages will also have to happen before any ride supports and track can be placed.

If work continues at it’s current pace then we could potentially see the ride finally start to go vertical as soon as July/ August of this year.

As we now know, Project Exodus has now been confirmed by Thorpe Park to be the UK’s first ever MACK Rides Hyper Coaster.

There’s no doubt than once in place, the park’s exhilarating new roller coaster will dominate the park’s skyline, however before the roller coaster can go vertical, delivery of the ride’s brand new track and supports will also have to happen.

Stay tuned here on TPI over the coming months to stay all up to date with the latest Project Exodus progress as we keep you all in the loop regarding exactly what’s going down on The Island Like No Other with the UK’s NEW tallest roller coaster.