Visiting Gulliver’s World – Our FIRST Gulliver’s Park!


We Visited Gulliver's World Warrington - Our FIRST EVER Gulliver's Theme Park & Resort!

Gulliver’s World located on the outskirts of Warrington in Cheshire is a family focused, theme park resort.

The park makes up one of four different Gulliver’s theme parks and resorts located here in the UK with others in such places as Rotherham, Milton Keens & even Matlock Bath.

Although primarily aimed at an audience of 13 and under, Gulliver’s World also features rides and attractions that cater to the older end of their target market too.

These include such iconic attractions as The Antelope (a unique wooden roller coaster constructed in house by the park themselves), Overdrive (a 360 Zamperla Gyro Swing) and Desperado Falls (an SBF Visa Family Drop Tower) to name but a few.

The park itself is also divided into 11 differently themed lands featuring everything from Dinosaurs in The Lost World all the way through to Cow Boys and Indians in Western World, Pirates in Smuggler’s Wharf & so much more.

New for 2023, Gulliver’s World have also now added a BRAND NEW area named Gulliver’s Gears – a high octane land equipped with it’s very own supercharged rides and playground.

Gulliver's World located on the outskirts of Warrington In Cheshire is an immersive and fun family theme park escape!
What Sets Gulliver's World Apart From Other Parks?

Where as most other family focused parks tend to offer more for the older ones than they do for the younger ones, Gulliver’s World offers something for everyone.

As well as the many different fast paced rides and attractions on offer, the park also feature an extensive range of indoor and outdoor playgrounds, slower rides for the younger ones and so much more.

As a rule, each area within Gulliver’s World tends to feature its very own adventure playground.

This means that whilst those who feel brave enough can jump on the rides, those not quite there yet can take 5 and escape within each area’s immersive play frames and hidey holes.

There is also a full range of toilets, food outlets and baby changes readily nearby meaning those with toddlers or younger children won’t struggle when it comes to needing a quick dash to the facilities.

Ultimately, Gulliver’s World mixes a traditional theme park experience with that of a traditional family resort creating a unique visit for all involved.

"Where as most other family focused parks tend to offer more for the older ones than they do for the younger ones, Gulliver's World offers something for everyone."
What Is Gulliver's Gears?

Gulliver’s Gears (as mentioned previously) is Gulliver’s World’s BRAND NEW 2023 area themed to racing and everything mechanical.

The land features an SBF Visa family roller coaster named Grand Prix Racers, a Zamperla Discovery 360 flat ride named Overdrive (one of the park’s most ambitious new additions to date) and a full range of ride on and climb on play frames and carts.

Gulliver’s Gears is located next to Gulliver’s World’s medieval castle and around the corner from Togo Falls.

During yesterday’s visit we started out our day with a ride on Overdrive and followed up with a ride on Grand Prix Racers.

Whilst Overdrive provides a pulse pounding shot of pure adrenaline, Grand Prix Racers gives those brave enough to ride just the right dose of thrills and spills.

Out of all the rides we experienced at the park yesterday, Overdrive was by far our favourite and resulted in us riding the attraction 4 to 5 times throughout our visit.

"Gulliver's Gears (as mentioned previously) is Gulliver's World's BRAND NEW 2023 area"
High Points & Low Points.

As with any first time visit, yesterday’s trip to Gulliver’s World came with it’s very own highlights and areas for improvement.

Our experience throughout the day remained mainly positive for most, however there were of course one or two areas that need addressing (and believe us this is genuinely nit picking haha).

The highlights of course were the many different rides and attractions on offer, however believe it or not the other main highlight of our day was the park’s staff!

We found all who we approached very welcoming, friendly and very positive overall. Not once did we get a bad vibe off anyone we encountered.

All staff members remained approachable, engaging and will to assist with any queries or requests we raised.

Customer service is definitely one of the park’s strong points there’s no denying that!

When it comes to areas for improvement though, overall presentation could be a lot stronger.

Throughout the day we cam across certain areas of the park that felt neglected or lacking in upkeep.

Now the facilities themselves were outstanding, food outlets were all clean and well kept and the overall presentation of the main areas appeared perfect, but some of the building’s exteriors had flaky paint, faded colours and felt a little tired overall.

The other area for improvement was communication.

There were a few rides (mainly indoor rides and attractions within the park) that remained closed throughout our visit.

This we were informed could well be down to lack of staff on the day, however we would have preferred to have known about this prior to making our visit.

Other than that we have no complaints at all. The day was amazing, visitor levels were low and most attractions remained walk on throughout the day.

"The highlights of course were the many different rides and attractions on offer, however believe it or not the other main highlight of our day was the park's staff!"
Value For Money!

When it comes to getting the most for your money, Gulliver’s World is an absolute no brainer.

Park admission costs only £23.00 for adults and children (booked in advance), £21.00 for senior citizens and those under 90 cm go FREE.

Gulliver’s Theme Parks & Resorts also offer an annual pass for just £99.00 pp and should you choose to upgrade on the day, the cost of that day’s admission will be deducted in the cost.

Annual passes permit holders access to each of the companies 4 different UK parks and dinosaur park.

Gulliver’s World also features a full range of different onsite accommodation options too, however we have yet to check these out.

Once in the park though, Gulliver’s World features no further up charges (unlike a lot of theme parks these days) and this means that everything you see (apart from food and drink, gifts and on ride photos are all included in your price of admission.

Even the small rides you normally have to put a pound or two in all work without additional coinage.

Gulliver’s World also offers a full range of different areas to rent out for parties etc, and this even includes the indoor play and children’s rides section Gully Town.

Overall everything from the admission to the cost of food and drink came across as perfectly reasonable and well within our budget on the day. 

"When it comes to getting the most for your money, Gulliver's World is an absolute no brainer."
Should I Visit?

Absolutely. Out of all the family focused theme parks and attractions we have visited here in the North of England, Gulliver’s World remains one of personal highlights so far.

From fantastically friendly staff to wonderful ride reliability and cheap admission, Gulliver’s World hits the mark in every area.

Not only do the older ones get plenty of options when it comes to getting their thrill fix, but the little ones don’t miss out too.

Overall, we can’t recommend visiting this park enough, however the downside? You have to visit as a family.

Only those with children are allowed to visit Gulliver’s World parks (and this we completely agree with).

Adopting this approach means that younger ones at the park should always have a responsible adult, parent or guardian watching over them at all times.

This not only improves safety but means that families can feel much more at ease knowing that others visiting come from the safe life situation as they do.

If you fancy learning more about the park and having a look at what Gulliver’s World offers then why not check out our full vlog covering our recent visit now?

Thank you very much for reading!