NEW Nemesis Track Has Been REVEALED By Alton Towers Resort, & It Looks EPIC!!

NEW Nemesis Track has today been REVEALED by Alton Towers Resort, and it looks INCREDIBLE!

The brand new ride track set to make up the replacement track for Alton Towers Resort’s most iconic roller coaster Nemesis is changing things up, in a very good way.

The new black track with red track has got fans of the ride raging with excitement and after seeing it for ourselves, it’s very easy to see why.

The reveal of Nemesis’ new colour scheme puts to bed months of speculation regarding Alton Towers Resort changing things up when it comes to the ride having a potential new look.


Nemesis’ new look was revealed in a BRAND NEW video published by Alton Towers in which an ‘intruder’ infiltrated the ongoing Phalanx investigation.

During the video, Phalanx operatives can be seen carrying out tests on the new track and the bright red tentacles making their way up the side of the track pieces.

Flashes of hazmat suits, radioactive materials and bottles of radioactive fluids can also be seen continuing the new narrative first introduced during closing night 2022.

The ‘leaked footage’ concludes with the intruder being apprehended and the Phalanx truck leaving the testing site with the new track.

News and photos of Nemesis’ (or Nemesis Reborn’s) track supports have also surfaced this evening too showing their arrival at Alton Towers.

Following this, TowersTimes have also published shots revealing the Phalanx have now ARRIVED at the resort with the brand NEW Nemesis Track (click here).

Overall, when it comes to marketing the arrival of the newly re-imagined Nemesis Reborn (name still TBC) Alton Towers are well & truly knocking it out of the park!!

We can’t wait to see what the coming months hold as we make our way through the 2023 season and on towards the rebirth of this iconic ride in 2024.

The above image shows the arrival of Nemesis' new track supports and was shared on Twitter by Twitter user @phalanxz_
The Phalanx have officially arrived with the ride's BRAND NEW track at Alton Towers resort this evening as shown by the above image shared by TowersTimes on their official social media.

What are your thoughts on the new Nemesis track and do you think the ride’s new colour scheme is an improvement on the former white and rust effect Nemesis once sported?

We’d loved to hear all about your thoughts and feedback on today’s HUGE reveal in the comments below.

In the meantime though why not check out today’s brand new official news update to hear our full thoughts on what we think of Nemesis’ new look?