Presenting VISIONS by Mikhile

Presenting VISIONS by Mikhile - an inspired new vision of conceptual art and illustration!

VISIONS by Mikhile is a brand new online store featuring unique, hand drawn conceptual illustrations and artwork by the incredibly talented Mikhile Williams!

Through the mixed medium of coloured pencil, pen and water colour as well as utilising intricate detail and shading Mikhile manages to capture the mood perfectly and create a true sense of depth in every piece he creates.

Although Mikhile’s main passions in life are theme parks and attractions, he also enjoys putting pen to paper to create some truly jaw dropping artwork too.

Mikhile Williams - the inspiring talent behind VISIONS by Mikhile!

This can be seen by the various different and very individual pieces available on his brand new store.

From silhouetted skylines of some of his favourite theme parks to Mount Fuji and a very moody city skyline Mikhile’s talent is reflected perfectly each and every time.

We asked Mikhile to provide us with a little insight into how his inspiration for conceptual illustration came about and what made him decide to finally take the plunge and launch his online store;

“First, a massive thank you to Joe for writing up this article. The love and support from people in the coaster community has been incredible and I would be remiss if I didn’t express my appreciation.

My name is Mikhile Williams, and truthfully, I’m just another theme park enthusiast pursuing a career in the amusement industry!

Currently living in Leeds UK, I have spent the last couple of years figuring out how to position myself for a career in themed attraction design. This has led to me setting goals and aspirations in conceptual art design, rediscovering talent in drawing and painting, using online courses and material to learn perspective and environmental drawing as well as other areas, and producing pieces of work as tasks to practice and develop the skills and experience that I will need.

My work so far has been birthed from this incentive – using the opportunities to further enhance my ability to imagine and think creatively and accumulate pieces that could be used in my eventual portfolios for future endeavors.

I recently launched ‘Visions by Mikhile’, with the invaluable help of my friend Luke Houldsworth (CoasterGen), as a creative space not only to display my work and progress that I make moving forward, but also to increase my visibility and networking potential to industry professionals and others in the theme park communities. As stated initially, I massively appreciate all the support I’ve received so far and I hope everyone will enjoy seeing my work as it comes, just as much as I’m enjoying this lengthy but hopefully fruitful journey!”

You can now purchase prints of his incredible hand drawn masterpieces through his official online store over at!

Prices start at £14.99 and rise to £22.99 depending on the piece in question with delivery costing £2.69 for domestic delivery and £9.55 for international delivery.

All orders placed over the value of £30 (two prints or more) will however qualify for free delivery.

It’s definitely fair to say that Mikhile Williams is certainly the one to watch in the years ahead and if you’re as passionate about theme parks and attractions as we are then checking out his work is an absolute must!

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Mikhile as he continues down his path as a concept artist!