How do I Become a Theme Park Enthusiast?

How do I become a Theme Park Enthusiast?

What is a theme park enthusiast? How do you become one? And what does it mean to be one?

If there is one thing true about being an enthusiast, it’s that there always appears to be a certain set of expectations that come with it.

In the case of being a theme park enthusiast, it’s usually expected that you keep count of your ‘creds’, make it a priority to ride all of the latest rides on their opening day and buy everything from annual passes to the latest merch.

In reality, doing all of the above is great and it definitely shows enthusiasm, however it doesn’t necessarily always prove it.

What is an enthusiast?

So what is it to be an enthusiast?

The dictionary defines an enthusiast as “a person who is very interested in and involved with a particular subject or activity” and for this reason it is possible to be an enthusiast of a certain subject matter without indulging in the expected.

Indeed, it is possible to be enthusiastic about theme parks and attractions without being open to others about it or posting constant updates from the parks on social media every time you visit one.

So how does this apply to theme parks and attractions? Well, the main question you have to ask is does visiting your favourite theme park or riding your favourite ride bring you joy? and does doing so make you thirst for more?

If the answers to both of the above are YES then congratulations, you may well already be a theme park enthusiast.

Community Spirit!

Now, as with any with group of individuals sharing the same passion in life, there comes familiarity, and this means that no matter the subject matter there is always a budding community of people at it’s heart.

This is of course exactly the same when it comes to theme parks and attractions.

The UK theme park community are by far one of the most welcoming, supportive and downright amazing communities we have ever had the privilege of calling ourselves part of.

No matter whether you’re a complete novice, or whether you’re a hardened coaster riding veteran, the theme park community are always welcoming and will bring you into their fold with open arms.

It's a state of mind.

It’s important to remember that just because someone may not follow trends, or do what is typically expected of them it’s doesn’t necessarily mean they are any less enthusiastic about the matter at hand.

Indeed, there may be those who don’t do any of the above that may infact be far more passionate about theme parks than they let on.

To us here at Theme Park Insanity being an ‘enthusiast’ means having passion for the matter at hand, loving the experience that comes with visiting the parks and creating memories you will cherish.

Buying merch, keeping count of the rides you have ridden (creds) or buying that highly sought after annual pass to your local park are in reality all just added bonuses.

For this reason we believe that being a theme park enthusiast is by far more a state of mind than it is a title.

Enjoy the Experience.

Being enthusiastic about something does of course come through your own personal experience and enjoyment of the matter at hand.

In truth, unless you enjoy the experience of visiting a theme park or riding a ride then you can’t really call yourself enthusiastic about dong both of the above.

As an enthusiast visiting a theme park should bring joy, relaxation and create memories. This is down to the fact you are far more likely to remember more about something you love than you are about something you hate.

Even through closed season we never forget that feeling of weightlessness brought on by airtime, or the sheer exhilaration of hangtime as you dangle free through your favourite inversions.

For this reason, being an enthusiast will always mean we cherish every single minute of any experience we have whilst out and about visiting the parks or riding the rides.

So, am I a Theme Park Enthusiast?

By this point you should now have a pretty good idea if you are at heart a theme park enthusiast or not.

If you are then there’s only one thing left to do – get out and start doing that which you are passionate about! Visit your favourite parks, ride your favourite rides and most importantly be yourself.

In truth passion and enthusiasm usually shine through in many different ways.

Whether it be wearing all of your favourite merch, talking technical with you mates or simply smiling from ear to ear as you enjoy the exhilaration riding your favourite ride brings you can always tell apart an enthusiast from your regular Joe.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is this! Only you know whether or not you’re an enthusiast.

It’s not a label, it’s a state of mind and as long as you love the experience visiting a theme park or riding a ride brings you then you’re already a theme park enthusiast in our eyes!