Parque Warner’s NEW Ride To Open This Month!


Parque Warner Announce Their BRAND NEW 2023 Ride - BATMAN Gotham City Escape Will Open This Month!

Parque Warner‘s latest thrill ride is set to open to the public for the very first time later this month!

BATMAN Gotham City Escape – an Intamin Blitz roller coaster featuring 2 LSM launches, a top speed of 64.6 mph and a total height of 147.6 ft will open to the public on the 13th May 2023.

The park made the long awaited announcement via their social media channel’s yesterday (May 3rd 2023) giving fans a first look at what they can expect from the new ride with an action packed short promotional video (see below).

Parque Warner’s exhilarating new roller coaster is set to feature special effects throughout as well as a whole host of immersive themeing and so much more.

BATMAN Gotham City Escape will become Parque Warner Madrid’s 7th roller coaster sitting alongside such other notable rides as Shadows of Arkham & Superman / La Atracción de Acero to name but a few.

The last new roller coaster to be added to the park was back in 2009 with Correcaminos Bip, Bip (A MACK Rides Youngstar Coaster) making it 14 years in total since their last major coaster investment at the park.

BATMAN Gotham City Escape has also been compared by many to VelociCoaster over at Universal Studios Orlando, and it’s very easy to see why.

Both rides feature very similar elements and seem very similar in their design overall (with VelociCoaster featuring a much more intense, fast paced layout overall).

Overall, Parque Warner’s latest new ride investment looks set to make the perfect new addition to their existing ride line up and will undoubtedly draw in NEW visitors from worldwide to experience it for themselves.

For even more information on what to expect why not check out our latest official news update over on our channel now?