Nemesis Sub Terra Confirmed To Return?

Is Nemesis Sub Terra Finally Confirmed To Return This Season?

Nemesis Sub Terra has been at the forefront of Alton Towers related speculation for quite some time now, however does this year’s official park map FINALLY put that to bed?

Ever since the attraction closed back in 2015, Nemesis Sub Terra (and it’s show building) have remained absent from the resort’s annual map, that is, until now!

This year’s map brings with it the reappearance of Nemesis Sub Terra’s show building, and as such speculation is now abuzz as to whether or not this confirms it’s return?

Now, it’s no secret that attraction’s showing building & surrounding queue line have been highly active over the past year with both members of staff and the maintenance team moving in and out of the building.

Not only that, but it was recently spotted by another source that the attraction’s former queue line height board has also reappeared outside one of the entrances.

Further more, lights and screens were also spotted to be active during Alton Towers’ closing night last November.

This year's official resort map appears to show the reappearance of the attraction's former show building.

It’s no secret that there are many who would love to see Nemesis Sub Terra return, however was this to happen, would it do so in the same format?

There’s a very strong chance that were the attraction to return this season it would more than likely include a brand new storyline, features within the attraction and more.

2024 does of course see the return of Nemesis, the original attraction for which Nemesis Sub Terra was introduced as a sequel.

It would therefore make a lot of sense that this year would indeed be the year to see it happen, but the question is was it to actually happen as predicted, when would it reopen?

Nemesis Sub Terra reportedly closed at the end of 2015 due to maintenance issues, but no official reason for the attraction’s closure was ever reported.

With that being said, it’s believed that extensive work has taken place both within the attraction and outside to bring it back up to a state of operational potential.

A previous resort map from 2022 showing the absence of the Nemesis Sub Terra show building.

In our personal opinion, we no longer think it’s a matter or if, but when?

In a recent video we also discussed the fact that alot of work had taken place within the queue line to replace the queue line floor and improve the area as a whole.

In reality so much work has taken place within the attraction over the last 12 months or so that it seems impossible Alton Towers would have plans for the building.

Therefore although today’s release doesn’t feature the attraction, we definitely feel like the resort will reveal more about what we can expect from Nemesis Sub Terra’s return in the months ahead.

Afterall, revealing it’s return now may overshadow the reinvention of Duel and The Curse At Alton Manor given how much fans want to see it come back.

We look forward to seeing what this year holds and for now we’ll continue to watch the attraction with bated breath as more and more progress appears to take place over the coming months.