Pipeline: The Surf Coaster Begins Testing At Seaworld Orlando!

Pipeline The Surf Coaster has officially begun testing at Seaworld Orlando in Florida!

The park shared a first look at the ride testing against a beautiful sunset backdrop yesterday evening via their official Twitter account (click here).

Pipeline is set to open at the Orlando based theme park this Summer and will be the first ride of it’s kind anywhere worldwide.

In the footage shared by the park the ride can be seen making some of it’s first test runs and it’s fair to say Pipeline looks very well paced.

In the footage shared by Seaworld Orlando via their official Twitter account, Pipeline can be seen testing against a sunset backdrop! - *Image Credit - Seaworld Orlando.

Pipeline will be the world’s first launched stand up roller coaster and has been manufactured by Swiss rides manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard.

The ride will reach speeds of up to 60 mph, heights of up to 110 ft and will feature one inversion in the form of a giant corkscrew.

Pipeline sits at the rear of the park in front of Seaworld Orlando’s famous lagoon and spans a total length of 2,950 ft from start to finish.

The park’s exciting new roller coaster makes up the latest addition to what is fast becoming Orlando’s roller coaster capital!

It is also believed that ground works have now commenced on Seaworld Orlando’s next roller coaster addition which is projected in 2024.

In an official update via their social media theme park blogger Midway Mayhem also confirms that construction walls are now up and works have begun;

“We also had the chance to see a ton of new progress for the rumored 2024 roller coaster project as work walls now line a MASSIVE part of the park!”

No further details have yet surfaced as to what type of ride their 2024 addition will be, however never the less it’s great to see Seaworld Orlando keeping up their investment.

Doesn't Pipeline look sensational against this type of backdrop? Absolutely stunning! - *Image Credit - Seaworld Orlando.

We look forward to monitoring the progress of Pipeline and as soon as more information becomes available regarding the ride’s opening date we’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

Will you be heading out to Orlando this year to grab your first rides on Pipeline The Surf Coaster when it finally opens this Summer?

We’d love to hear all about your plans and trips in the comments below.