SAW: Alive Boat Finally Moves After 13 Years!


SAW: Alive Finally Moves After 13 Years Of Remaining Stationary In The Same Place!

SAW:Alive – formerly the Thorpe Belle has finally moved to it’s new home near SAW: The Ride after 13 years of staying docked in it’s previous location.

The boat upon which the former Lionsgate Horror IP experience was based finally sailed to a new home earlier this week.

Thorpe Park shared the following photos over on social media showing confirmation of it’s relocation and the new view it’s move has created. 


SAW: Alive first opened at Thorpe Park back in 2010 one year after SAW: The Ride and re-created iconic scenes from the popular horror franchise.

Brave guests were invited to make their way through and attempt to survive Jigsaw’s dastardly games in the process.

The whole experience flowed similarly to the park’s well known Fright Nights scaremazes and featured live actors, special effects and themed scents throughout.

Although popular, SAW: Alive finally operated for the last time during the park’s annual Fright Nights event of 2018 just 8 years after it’s launch.

Since closing the attraction has remained dormant in it’s original location on the edge of the lake, that is, until now!

Removing the SAW: Alive barge has created a brand new view of the lake and will form the main attraction in Thorpe Park’s newly created picnic space during the park’s upcoming 2023 season.

Are you happy to see SAW: Alive finally relocated? Or do you still wish Thorpe Park had found some way to bring it back?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below.