Monopoly Lifesized Comes to London This Month!

Monopoly Lifesized - Opening This Month In Central London!

Monopoly is by far one of the most iconic family board games of our time – there’s no denying that!

Have you ever sat there with your friends rolling that dice and moving your top hat along the board with Mayfair in sight wondering “I wonder what this would be like if it was actually life sized?”

Well, wonder no more, because now you experience exactly that!

Gamepath Entertainment have teamed up with Global family entertainment giants Hasbro to open the UK’s first ever Monopoly Lifesized gaming experience in central London this August.

Based on Tottenham Court Road, players will have the chance to experience a multi-sensory 4D gaming experience based across 4 separate game boards.

The game boards on offer consist of Classic board, a City board, a Vault board and a Junior board for younger players.

Which game board will you choose? - The brand new life sized gaming experience offers 4 separate board game experiences.
How Do You Play?

The game play itself works in the exact same way as traditional Monopoly does, however the way you play differs ever so slightly!

In order to progress through the game players will be presented with a series of mini games and challenges to complete.

Throughout your game you will have the chance to purchase some of the games well known properties (however it’s not just as straight forward as paying money for it).

In order to purchase a property players will have to step inside the life sized property and complete a short challenge.

If you are successful in completing the challenge, then you will have the chance to take the property for yourself. If not, the property in question will be auctioned off to another team.

Players will have to complete a series of mini games and challenges in order to progress throughout the game.

If it’s not your turn then you will be given the chance to take a chance card allowing you an opportunity to take a strategic turn.

By doing this you will have the choice to choose whether you take a community chest card, manage your finances or even perhaps even build a house on a property you own (which won’t be as straight forward as you think).

Whatever you choose to do, ultimately your end goal will be to make as much money as possible so you will need to ensure you choose wisely.

Each property (or square) also harbors it’s own special abilities allowing you to carry out different actions depending on the square you land on.

This will include such things as hindering the cities internet supply, charging players to travel on the railway or even control the cities energy and water supply.

As in classic Monopoly you will always want to avoid landing yourself in jail. If you do and want to avoid bail then you will need to attempt a daring escape.

Each square will harbor it's own special abilities.
What Can I Expect?

The overall experience will last a total of 70 minutes and teams must be a minimum of 6 players.

Each board will have 4 teams playing at any one time and at the end of your game (once the winner has had the chance to revel in their glory) players will have the chance to kick back, reminisce and relax with some well earned refreshment in the attraction’s onsite restaurant.

General admission prices start from £53.00 per person, however if you are in a group of 12 or more then you will have the chance to purchase tickets at a slightly discounted rate of £48.00 per person.

Other ticket options are also available including a Flex Ticket at £67.00 per person, a Full Board Ticket (for parties of 24 players) at £48.00 per person and if you are a student you can buy a concession ticket at just £43.00 per person, however you must present a valid student ID on arrival.

All tickets must be booked in advance of your visit (click here for more info) and if booked incorrectly you will not be entitled to a refund.

Players ages between 14 – 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Monopoly Lifesized - Opening this August!
When Does It Open?

Monopoly Lifesized will open it’s doors to the public for the very first time on the 14th of August 2021!

The attraction is located on Tottenham Court Road in central London (postcode – W1T 7PS) and is easily accessible via all public transport.

The nearest railway stations to the attraction are Kings Cross or Euston and if you are travelling by car then the nearest NCP car park is located on Carburton Street (just 10 minutes walk from the attraction).

As mentioned previously all visitors will need to pre-book tickets in advance of visiting, however you will need to be quick as popularity is very likely to be insanely high!

Will you be booking a visit to this incredible new attraction? If so, we would love to know your expectations in the comments below!