Loggers Leap’s Iconic Final Drop Begins Demolition.


Loggers Leap's Iconic Double Down Drop Has Finally Begun Demolition.

Loggers Leap at Thorpe Park was always going to have to go when it came to making way for Project Exodus.

It therefore comes as no surprise that a substantial amount of iconic log flume has now been removed.

The beginning of demolition work on the ride’s final drop really puts things into perspective where the impending arrival of Project Exodus at Thorpe Park is concerned though.

Thorpe Park have been great at keeping us all up to date and in the loop when it comes to progress on the site, but today’s update marks a significant point in the removal of the ride.

Although we previously shared an update on February 9th showing a very mangled looking first drop, the above image just shows how fast work on the site has progressed.

It’s also believed that workmen are also preparing to begin filling in a substantial amount of the ride area’s lake too, however as to when this will happen is yet to be revealed.

There’s no denying that the former Old Town area of Thorpe Park is starting to look bigger and bigger, but when will installation of Exodus actually begin?

As stated above in order to commence with installation of the new ride’s footers, a substantial amount of the current lake needs to be filled.

To do this, workers on the site have created mounds of soil and debris removed from Loggers Leap’s current ride area in order to test it.

The reason this happens is to ensure the soil intended for use won’t pose any new harm to the ride’s surrounding environment.

Once the soil has been cleared for use though workers can begin filling in the lake and commence work on driving piles for Project Exodus’ footers.


Overall, today’s update from Thorpe Park not only signals the end of an era at the park, but the beginning of a new one for Project Exodus too.

Once removed, Loggers Leap’s iconic drop will pave the way for construction workers to remove the rest of the ride and begin work on installing the park’s exciting new roller coaster.

We therefore look forward to watching construction on Project Exodus progress over the coming months and can’t wait to finally ride the park’s new Mack Rides Hyper Coaster early next year!