Thorpe Park Share A Look At Major Progress On The Site Of Their Upcoming NEW Coaster - Project Exodus!

Thorpe Park are absolutely killing it when it comes to keeping us enthusiasts all up to date on the latest Project Exodus progress.

In a BRAND NEW update last night on their official pass holder group, the park revealed that substantial progress had been made on the site of their upcoming new ride.

Project Exodus replaces Thorpe Park’s iconic former log flume ride Logger’s Leap as well as the former Canada Creek (aka. Old Town) area of the park.

The new ride will stand at a whopping 236 ft in height taking the title of the UK’s tallest roller coaster when complete and one of the tallest in Europe overall.

In their latest update Thorpe Park revealed the complete removal Old Town was now complete and works are underway to remove Logger’s Leap too.

The park also shared a look at a rather mangled former first lift hill for the ride and showed that a substantial amount of clearance had also now taken place.

In other images the park show that the final double down drop of Loggers Leap is at present still standing, however we don’t think it will be too much longer before we see that dismantled too.

Along with the images Thorpe Park shared the following;

Evening all! Just a little Project Exodus site update ahead of our very exciting Passholder announcement tomorrow¬†ūü§©

We’re still in the process of clearing the site before any groundwork can begin:

¬†–¬† Canada Creek Railway Station has been demolished

¬†– Loggers Leap’s first lift has been dismantled

 РThe double drop is currently still standing
See you at 14:36 tomorrow on our¬†main channels¬†ūüėŹ

Given the time of today’s announcement and given the fact Thorpe Park share the fact it’s happening within a Project Exodus update we’re fairly certain some major news is on the way this afternoon.

Stay tuned here on TPI to find out more over the next 24 hours and in the meantime why not consider checking out our most recent video in which we share our thoughts on all of the latest progress taking place at the Island like no other on their upcoming new ride!

Thorpe Park have also recently announced the complete overhaul and re-imagining of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train to just Ghost Train for the park’s 2023 season – Find out more HERE!

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