Jumanji The Labyrinth Gardaland FIRST LOOK Teased!

Jumanji The Labyrinth FIRST LOOK Teased By Merlin Entertainments!

Jumanji The LabyrinthGardaland Resort in Italy’s upcoming 2023 attraction has had it’s FIRST LOOK teaser released today.

Merlin Entertainments revealed the below artwork on LinkedIn showing what appears to be a circular maze with a father and son looking on in wonder.

There also appears to be a glowing jewel of some form at the heart of the maze too and this to us suggests it could have some link to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle?

The Brand new attraction is set to the second Jumanji IP themed attraction to open at the park in the last two years with Jumanji: The Adventure officially making it’s debut at the resort earlier this year.

Above shows the official teaser released by Merlin Entertainments earlier today (15/12/2022) depicting a father and son looking on in wonder at the gigantic circular labyrinth in front of them - *Image Credit - Merlin Entertainments.

Although Jumanji The Labyrinth has yet to be given an official opening date, we expect that the park will want to get their new attraction open as soon as possible.

This leads us to speculate the park could infact aim to have Jumanji The Labyrinth open by the resort’s opening day next year, however this is yet to be confirmed.

With regards to what to expect we think the set up of the attraction could prove similar in it’s layout to that of Black Mirror Labyrinth at Thorpe Park.

Given this isn’t a sci-fi theme though we expect the park will focus more on physical set pieces as opposed to special effects to give that authentic Jumanji experience.

Jumanji The Labyrinth will surely prove a great hit when it opens at the park next year and will be yet another date in the Jumanji calendar for Merlin Entertainments owned parks and attractions.