LUNA Liseberg Ride Train FIRST LOOK Revealed!


Liseberg Reveal LUNA Ride Train FIRST LOOK In Latest Social Update!

Liseberg – the Swedish amusement park based near Gothenburg, Sweden has today revealed a FIRST LOOK at the ride vehicle shells for their upcoming 2023 Vekoma Rides Family Boomerang LUNA.

LUNA will be the crowning jewel in the park’s 2022 area Luna Park which will have seen the opening of 3 brand new attractions at Liseberg in time for the park’s centennial anniversary in 2023.

The exciting new ride is also set to be a record breaker too becoming the fastest & tallest of it’s kind anywhere in the world.

LUNA will reach heights of up to 109.9 ft and speeds of up to 42.3 mph as well as featuring a total length of 794 ft and  a total hourly capacity of 720 riders per hour.

After releasing a concept pov for the new roller coaster earlier this season, Liseberg have also given fans a first look at the completed ride vehicle shells this morning too over on their social media.

Check out the images below showing what we can expect from this steam punk inspired family roller coaster next year!

The above images not only provide a first look at what riders can expect from LUNA, however they also seem to match the original concept art perfectly.

LUNA looks set to match the area’s current steam punk theme perfectly and we can’t deny, there’s some serious Alton Towers Black Hole vibes going on here too.

The new family roller coaster will be the ideal fit for the area and construction of the new ride is also currently well underway too with more and more track arriving at the park each day.

LUNA will join other iconic coasters at the park such as Liseberg‘s world renown MACK Rides Mega launched roller coaster Helix, their 2018 Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Machine Valkyria and their 2003 Intamin wooden roller coaster Balder to name but a few.

Overall, the addition of LUNA provides the perfect way to celebrate 100 years of Liseberg in Gothenburg and will provide a lasting, visual reminder of the park’s incredible landmark timeline in Sweden.

Will you be heading out to grab your first rides on LUNA when the ride finally opens to the public next season? Let us know your plans in the comments below!