Chessington World Of Jumanji Ride Names Revealed!

Chessington's World Of Jumanji Ride Names Revealed!

Chessington’s chosen names for the park’s BRAND NEW World Of Jumanji rides have officially been revealed in an eagle eyed discovery yesterday by fellow blogger Parks, Scares and Glitter.

The proposed ride logos for the land’s 3 new attractions were discovered on the Trade Mark Registry under the name of Merlin Entertainments.

Mandrill Mayhem, Mamba Strike & Ostrich Stampede look to make up the chosen identities of the land’s 3 new attractions.

Mandrill Mayhem is now believed to be the chosen name for the land’s ‘first of it’s kind’ Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Shuttle Coaster, whilst Mamba Strike & Ostrich Stampede are believed to be the area’s 2 upcoming family falts.

Not much is currently know about the types of flat ride, however the names do at least give us a slight hint as to the format we can expect.

Whilst ‘stampede’ to us suggests a ride of a circular orientation, ‘strike’ seems to suggest a backwards and forwards motion of some kind.

The concreted footprints of the 2 new rides do seem to support this, however we are purely speculating at this stage.

With regards to the roller coaster however, we kind of expected something more along the lines of ‘Jaguar Quest’, or at least something with the word ‘jaguar’ the title given the ride’s epic centerpiece.

Mandrill Mayhem almost seems a slight curve ball, however there was a scene in the latest Jumanji movie (Jumanji: the Next Level) in which the film’s protagonists were chased by a troop of Mandrills.

This does lead us to wonder as to whether the new ride’s storyline may amalgamate two narratives into one from both of the franchise’s most recent movies.

What does seem certain however is that we will more than likely find out alot more about the new land and it’s exciting new attractions in the months ahead.

It is also worth noting that these trademarks are not yet final and as such there is every chance we could still see them change.

Regardless, this exciting discovery provides us with the first taste of what we can expect from the World of Jumanji in 2023, and we’re very excited to say the least!