Hyperia Ride Trains Arrive At Thorpe Park!

Hyperia Ride Trains Arrive At Thorpe Park!

Hyperia officially now has ride trains after images surfaced confirming their arrival on social media yesterday (10/04/2024) afternoon.

The long anticipated arrival of Hyperia’s ride trains has finally happened following rumours of their presence at the park being quashed by Jack Silkstone in his latest construction update.

The new trains were confirmed to have arrived on site yesterday afternoon after an image was shared by Jason Caitlin-Holmes showing the first section of ride train on the back of a lorry on site at the park.

The arrival of the ride trains follows the beginning of Hyperia’s testing phase with both the lift hill chain and the transfer track both spotted to have been testing in the last week.

Rumours of first test runs for the ride have also been circulating for some time too, however to date no official date for test runs has yet been confirmed.

Hyperia’s ride trains arriving on site has filled fans with hope though and with Jack Silkstone confirming we could see them happening VERY, very soon, it shouldn’t be too much longer at this stage.

The above images shared on Facebook yesterday afternoon (10/04/2024) confirms the ride trains for Hyperia have now begun to arrive at the park.

The above image shows the first section of ride train arriving on site at Thorpe Park and confirms Hyperia will indeed have identical ride restraints to that of ICON at Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool.

MACK Rides – the manufacturer behind Hyperia are synonymous with having what we consider to be some of the most comfortable and forgiving ride restraints in the industry to date.

They are also considered to be one of the higher end ride manufacturers with the themed attractions industry to date too.

Hyperia certainly looks set to be a very daring and innovative ride experience with the world’s first outer-banked twist definitely being the stand out feature of the ride.

With just lap bars to hold riders in it’s fair to say Hyperia will certainly live up to claims it’s set to be the most “weighless” ride experience currently available in the UK upon opening next month.

Thorpe Park have also recently confirmed plans to open Hyperia on the 24th May 2024 and although no test runs have yet begun to take place the park claim they are still on track to open their new ride on the set date.

It’s fair to say that Hyperia is definitely living up to the hype and once open will undoubtedly becoming the UK’s best new roller coaster in recent years.

Will you be there for it’s opening day? Let us know your plans for Hyperia in the comments below!

Hyperia is officially set to open to the public next month - 24th May 2024 and at present has been confirmed to be on target for this date by Thorpe Park themselves. - *Image Credit; Thorpe Park.