How To Get The Most Out Of Your Day At Flamingo Land!


How To Get The MOST Out Of Your Day At Flamingo Land Resort - Top 5 Tips!

“How To?”….. probably one of the most commonly asked question surrounding ANY topic, however when it comes to getting value for money, it’s definitely the most commonly asked one

Here at TPI we’re all about getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ (love that phrase) and given how often we visit our home park we thought it would be fun to put together a nifty little ‘how to’ guide in the hope some of those who may be NEW to the park might find it useful.

Now, don’t worry, we’re not JUST aiming this at new visitors. some older ones may find this useful too.

When it comes to getting the most out of your day at Flamingo Land however there can be a lot of factors to consider.

Without further ado however, this is our ‘How to’ guide for getting the most out of your day at Flamingo Land resort………..

1 - DO NOT Head Straight For SIK!

This rule can apply to any theme park visit really – don’t head to the ride closest to the entrance first.

As tempting as it may be to jump on the park’s signature attraction FIRST (yes, we’re guilty of that too), DON’T!

Instead, head straight to the back of the park and begin your day on either Mumbo Jumbo or Kumali first.

The reason we advise this is that throughout the day, not only do these rides get INCREDIBLY busy (yes, still), however they can be particularly slow at moving a queue too.

Another reason we advise this is that those staying onsite will have more than likely already ridden them and as such will be making their way to the front for SIK instead.

This can result in huge queues forming at the beginning of the day on the park’s new ride and as such guests tend to move to the rides at the rear of the park towards the middle of the day instead.

DO NOT head to SIK first - leave a ride on the park's signature attraction until later in your day and focus on the rear of the park FIRST!
2 - Leave Late (Preferably At Park Close)!

The later it gets, the quieter the park will get.

This is common among many theme parks and attractions here in the UK, however when it comes to Flamingo Land this is particularly relevant.

Throughout term time Flamingo Land plays host to many a school trip and in the holidays many a family day out, however it’s no secret that most parents want to have their children home for ‘tea time’

As a result, if you leave exiting the park until park close, you are much more likely to get better value for money where time on the rides and attractions are concerned.

From around 15:00 (in our experience) guest levels at Flamingo Land Resort seem to drop off (especially where ‘day guests’ are concerned).

This results in much smaller queues for the rides and in some cases even ‘walk on’s’ (yes, even on SIK).

This means that not only will you get ‘more rides’, however you will also take in a much relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the Flamingo Land at it’s best.

Leave exiting the park until later in the day in order to get the most out of your visit!
3 - Take Food With You!

Right, this one isn’t really a MUST, however it definitely helps when spending more time on the rides and attractions are concerned.

Taking your own food and drink allows you to eat on the go which in turn means you’re taking less physical time out to enjoy your lunch or tea.

As a result you will give yourself more time to enjoy the bigger rides and will be able to hit them when most families are having their dinner at the park’s many food outlets.

Meal times are notoriously the most busy where buying food on park is concerned and as a result means that most will be focusing on eating as opposed to riding.

Taking your own food allows you a great degree of freedom where eating is concerned and also saves you a substantial amount on your visit too (because let’s face it, as nice as some of it can be, theme park food s definitely expensive)!

As nice as theme park food can be it's certainly not the cheapest! Take your own food and drink with you where you can!

4 - Rides Or Zoo? Which Is More Important?

Before making your visit prioritise your day.

You can’t physically check out EVERY aspect of both the park and the zoo in the same day (the zoo can in most cases fill an entire day by itself).

Instead, decide which is more important that day. Getting your fill of the rides or checking out everything the zoo has to offer.

Doing this will ensure you’re already prepared (and most importantly, if visiting as a family in agreement) on how you want your day to go and what you want to see most.

Now, you can ‘skim’ through the zoo and check out the rides in the same day, that is possible, however don’t forget the zoo also offers bird shows and sea lion shows alongside the rest of the enclosures located in the zoo.

The other thing to bare in mind is that the zoo is much bigger than you probably first realise and stretches all the way up to the back of the park.

Visiting the zoo also gives you the chance to hear from the keepers themselves and don’t forget you can also see the Tigers get their lunch around half past 12.

In truth there is so much to see in the zoo that you can (and will) spend a full day seeing it all.

We would therefore advise dedicating one visit to the park and one to the zoo. This way, you won’t miss out on everything this fantastic park has to offer.

"In truth there is so much to see in the zoo that you can (and will) spend a full day seeing it all." - *Image credit - Flamingo Land.
5 - Take Your Time And Enjoy Yourself

It’s no secret that when it comes to visiting a theme park the default reaction is to rush around the rides and get in as many as possible before you go home.

In truth, this can be extremely stressful at times and constantly worrying whether or not you will experience your favourite rides will undoubtedly take away from enjoying your time there as a whole.

It’s Important therefore to accept that it’s okay to miss out certain attractions and instead prioritise which rides you want to experience most before you actually arrive.

Going in with an action plan can really help to reduce stress and prepare you for a more focused visit overall.

Don’t forget to take time to appreciate the smaller things though such as the atmosphere at the park, the live entertainment (that’s an absolute must here) and the change of scenery as a whole.

If you approach your visit in a more relaxed state then you will save time on worrying, take in the experience better and enjoy yourself overall.

There is so much to enjoy when visiting Flamingo Land Resort - therefore be sure to make a list ad prioritise before your visit to avoid stress and panic overall. - *Image Credit - Flamingo Land Resort.
Things Not To Be Missed!

Right, we’ve shared our top 5 tips to making the most out of your day at Flamingo Land, but what absolute the must see’s?

When visiting the park it’s so easy to ‘miss things’ and completely miss out on some of the park’s must see (or must ride) attractions.

As such you will want to ensure you pay a visit to the following throughout your day (or at least factor them into your visit);

  • The Coach House – The Coach House is located at the top of the park near the park’s outdoor play area and muddy duck farm and does some of the best food at a theme park we have ever experienced.
  • SIK – Even if you’re not a fan of the rides or don’t have the stomach for the bigger ones you’re not going to want to miss out on SIK – It’s insanely smooth, has hangtime aplenty and is by far one of the park’s most stand out attractions.
  • The Pirates Of Zanzibar – This fantastic LIVE show runs at least twice a day on the giant pirate ship stage located within the entrance plaza and features some of the most stand out live entertainment we have seen at any theme park here in the UK.
  • Keeper Talks – These are available throughout the park’s onsite zoo and are packed full of useful knowledge, insight and above all the chance to learn. Keeper talks are a great way to get your little ones engaged and will allow them the chance to learn more about their favourite animals from those looking after them.
  • Mischief Mansion – Many tend to overlook this attraction due to either it’s location or the nature of the ride, however it’s no secret that the park’s only dark ride has been around now for quite some time and as such we have no doubt it’s remaining time with the resort will be limited.
  • Animal Shows – The Zoo features two live shows running throughout the day over a varied range of times and these are the Sea Lion Show and the Bird Show. These can be very entertaining, insightful and fun for the younger ones.
  • Pterodactyl – Finally be sure to take a spin on Pterodactyl – the park’s star flyer! Doing so will allow the chance to take in the park from a whole different perspective and allow you to enjoy some fantastic views in the process.
What Are You Waiting For?

So those are just some of our top tips and tricks to ensuring you get the most out your visit to to our home park.

Having visited Flamingo Land a substantial amount of times now since we first started going we would like to think that we have mastered enjoying our day down to an art, but as always things are never guaranteed.

Ultimately, in order to make the most out of your day planning is definitely key, however the above advice should almost certainly assist you in making the most out of your visit for sure.

The main thing is to enjoy your time there and make return visits.

Doing this means that should you miss anything and not get chance to do it, there will always be the next time.

the park also hold ‘party in the Park’ events and seasonal events too and as such we would definitely encourage you to check these out.

The Christmas event in particular can be quite magical and will suit the younger ones down to a tee as they take in the sights and sounds of Christmas in a brand new, interactive way.

We would however love to hear your tips and tricks on getting the most out of a visit to Flamingo Land? Is there something you do that works really well for you? Or would you make any changes to guide above?

Let us know in the comments below guys.

Thank you very much for reading!