Drayton Manor confirm BIG CHANGES for 2021!

Top Confirmed Changes coming to Drayton Manor for 2021!

Over the past few months Drayton Manor (an independently run theme park and zoo based just outside Tamworth in the UK) have been working incredibly hard to ready themselves for a fantastic 2021 season.

Due to this, the park have shared update after update over on their official blog confirming everything from major changes and refurbishments to brand new additions and more.

We therefore thought it would be great to share a full round up of all the changes and new additions set to come so far and give further insight into what to expect from the park overall this season.

Repaint and Refurbishments for 2021

Since taking over the park last year The Looping Group have since confirmed a five year plan to completely revitalise the park and restore it to it’s former glory.

Due to this significant progress has already been seen to have taken place this closed season with two of the park’s most loved attractions (Shockwave and Storm Force 10) being the first to receive a complete refresh and much needed lick of paint.

These aren’t the only rides to have received this treatment however as Maelstrom’s queue line as well as other areas within the park also appear to have been given a refresh too.

Since G-Force’s removal it has been rumoured that the ride’s former site (along with the surrounding area) is set to receive a full overhaul and this definitely points towards that being true.

Complete repaint of Storm Force 10's water tower
Shockwave's station has also had a full refresh and repaint.
Safari Pizza and Pasta boasts new menu

Drayton Manor have officially confirmed that their Safari Pizza and Pasta Restaurant has received a full refresh for the 2021 season and will play host to a newly refreshed menu.

Diners will be able to take in the sights and sounds of the African Rainforest whilst enjoying some deliciously authentic Italian food (tasty pizza, delicious pasta and refreshing salads) in a colourful, vibrant new setting.

" Discover our brand-new selection of delicious Italian style pizzas, tasty pastas and refreshing salads" - Drayton Manor.
Thomas Land Rebuilt

Following the tragic events of December 2020 (Click Here to find out more), the park have been working hard to repair the fire damage caused to the toilet block located in the Thomas Land area of the park.

Works to completely repair and restore the block are estimated to be completed by no later than Summer 2021.

This stands testament to the level of commitment shown by the new owners to improve guest experience and ensure the future of the park.

"we’ve been working super hard to rebuild the Thomas Land toilets" - Drayton Manor.
Meerkat Manor Re-imagined

Meerkat Manor – the Zoo’s dedicated meerkat habitat has received a brand new glass front to improve visibility and further immerse visitors into the world of the meerkat’s natural habitat.

The brand new transparent frontage will allow for much clearer views of the park’s meerkat population and will allow guests to get up close and personal on eye level.

The meerkat enclosure isn’t the only change coming to the park’s dedicated zoo this year however!

"Guests are now given the opportunity to become immersed in the middle of Meerkat Manor" - Drayton Manor.
Brand New African Aviary

2021 also welcomes a brand new exhibit to the park’s onsite zoo in the form of a newly completed African aviary.

The aviary will play host to a wide variety of differently coloured species of birds native to Africa.

The brand new habitat has been designed to meet it’s residents every need featuring a warm house, a bathing area, high places to perch and a full variety of plants native to their natural habitat.

The aviary will be located at the heart of the zoo and the park have confirmed their plans to add to it over time in the hope of making it a stunning centerpiece to the zoo.

"As the gardens mature and we add to the bird collection over time, this will be a stunning display right in the heart of the zoo." - Drayton Manor.
"You Got a Bonus!"

Going back to general upkeep and improvements, Sheriff’s Showdown – Drayton Manor’s interactive Western Inspired Dark Ride has received a full repaint on it’s facade as well as repairs and upgrades to it’s exterior.

This is great news as Sheriff’s showdown makes a really fun little addition to the parks line up and one of two dark rides still operational at the park. 

"A splash of paint and other repairs and upgrades have completely revitalised the Sheriff’s Showdown façade." - Drayton Manor.
Thomas & Friends 4D: Bubbling Boilers!

The final confirmed change (or rather new addition) for this year is the addition of a brand new Thomas & Friends 4D experience.

The park’s 4D cinema which formerly featured Ice Age 4D will now play host to a brand new 4D Thomas movie.

In this brand new experience families will be immersed into the world of Thomas the Tank Engine as they follow the little blue engine and his friends on a daring adventure;

“When Thomas crashes into an old mine, he experiences the ride of his life! Join Thomas & Friends in this thrilling 4D adventure”

Although the park will officially reopen on April 12th, Thomas & Friends 4D: Bubbling Boilers unfortunately won’t open to the public until Summer of 2021.

This is due to current government guidance.

Thomas & Friends 4D: Bubbling Boilers also marks the first Thomas themed attraction to be installed outside of Thomas Land.

"When Thomas crashes into an old mine, he experiences the ride of his life! Join Thomas & Friends in this thrilling 4D adventure" - Drayton Manor.
Further 2021 Additions

Although these are the only changes and new additions confirmed to date, the rumour mill has of course been rife within the community.

Speculation has covered everything from the return of Splash Canyon (the park’s rapids ride) to a brand new Wave Swinger, however none of this has yet been confirmed by the park themselves.

Drayton Manor did however recently drop this little teaser (Click Here to see it) across their social media pages last week hinting at a brand new experience for the 2021 season.

A screen shot of the teaser recently dropped by the park for their brand new 2021 addition.

The teaser seems to point towards some form of nautical experience, however the reveal is yet to take place.

Our predictions would be either an overhaul of Splash Canyon including a new theme suited to a new area, or the heavily rumored Wave Swinger.

There is also the chance of course that this could infact be a teaser for a newly themed area overall.

Other rumoured new additions include a disco coaster, however no evidence currently supports this theory to date as far as we’re aware.

Are you excited for Drayton Manor’s 2021 season? Will you be making a visit this year to check out all of the new additions listed above? Let us know in the comments below!