Alton Towers welcomes The Retro Squad!


Alton Towers Resort welcomes 'The Retro Squad' for their 2021 season!

Cowabunga! Join the Squad!

The Retro Squad are coming to Alton Towers  this season and they’re set to transport guests back to the 80’s with a true blast from the past.

Roller Disco, Mixtape and Funk ‘n’ Fly are three retro fairground inspired pop up rides which will be located at three key locations throughout the resort for the 2021 season.

Here are the details about what to expect and where when the park reopens to guests on April 12th.

Get ready to slide and swirl, round and round, faster and faster in a head-spinning, totally rad experience.

Roller Disco is a classic fairground waltzer which will be located at the very bottom of Dark Forest just below Rita’s launch.

This fantastic addition will thrill, excite and disorientate as it spins guests out of control in a nostalgia induced daze!

Roller Disco - a classic fairground waltzer located at the bottom of Dark Forest.

The bouncy one in the Retro Squad, guests will be in for some major retrotastic laughs as they bounce up and down, then down and up.

Mixtape is a Classic Smashing Jump which will be located on the former Submission site in X-Sector.

This retro thriller will bounce and spin guests out of their minds as they endure some manic craziness that only X-Sector can provide!

Mixtape - a Classic Fairground Smashing Jump located on the former Submission site in X-Sector.

Last but not least, there’s Funk ‘n’ Fly;

Reach new retrotastic heights and enjoy a thrillingly funktastic flight.

Funk ‘n’ Fly is a classic fairground Super Trooper located on the former Ripsaw site in Forbidden Valley!

This rad new addition will spin and soar to new heights as guests take in the incredible views of Forbidden Valley at nauseating speeds. 

Funk 'n' Fly - a classic fairground Super Trooper located on the former Ripsaw site in Forbidden Valley opposite Nemesis.

Alton Towers Resort announced The Retro Squad earlier today through an animated retro Transformers inspired video across their official social media outlets.

The teaser see’s Alton Towers putting out a call to the universe back in 1980 (their opening year) for three brand new thrilling experiences.

The teaser then takes viewers to the planet Retrograde where a synthesized alien race answer the park’s call and send three transforming fairground rides to their aid.

Below is the official teaser shared by the resort earlier today.

Although these rides have been pretty much confirmed to be coming for the last month or so, it’s fantastic to see Alton Towers finally confirm their arrival earlier today.

We also appreciate that there are many who will very likely think this is a bad move for the resort.

At the end of the day however these are extra new additions not expected and this can only be good when it comes to evening out the queues from the resort’s larger rides.

We also believe that there is a much larger plan afoot here too and that this could well be a way to gauge public response to the introduction of new flat rides at the resort.

If this is the case and they prove popular then we have every confidence Alton Towers may install more permanent additions in the years ahead

What are your thoughts on the introduction of The Retro Squad at Alton Towers? Do you think it’s a good idea? Or do you believe this will prove a bad move?

Whatever your thoughts we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

The Retro Squad - brand new to Alton Towers Resort for the 2021 season!