Five Rides We Would Like To Experience Most.

Counting Down The Top 5 Rides We Would Like To Experience Most!

Everyone has a top 5 when it comes to the rides and attractions they would most like to experience before they kick the proverbial bucket ,and we’re certainly no exception.

In today’s blog we’re bringing you the top five rides and attractions we would love to experience the most, and no, they’re not roller coasters!

Now of course, we do have a bucket list of must ride coasters, and in all fairness it’s changed a lot of the years, but when you consider just how much else is out there it’s very easy to get side tracked by roller coasters and forget everything else.

Therefore, we thought it would fun to step away from the BIGGER thrills for now & focus on the smaller (well, sort of) rides we’d most like to experience before taking death’s icy cold claw in our ethereal hand.¬†

Oh, and these are also brought to you in no particular order too, so without further ado, let’s get underway……

The Haunted Mansion - Walt Disneyworld Florida.

Predictable? We know, but this one HAD to be somewhere in our top 5 given how much we love our haunted dark rides.

The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Florida has long stood near the top of our list as one of the ones we want to experience most.

Haunted Mansion’s overall theme mixed with It’s iconic stretching room, the attraction’s setting & it’s eerily pleasing aesthetic makes Haunted Mansion a MUST for any die hard horror fan (and yes, we LOVE our horror movies).

Walt Disney World’s spookiest attraction is also up there as one of Disney’s most iconic additions to the resort too.

It’s definitely up there alongside such rides as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (there’s a lot of mountains?) & Tower of Terror (yay, no mountain in the name) as some of their most well know to date.

If we had to give just one reason though it would be this – We LOVE the idea of sitting in our very own doom buggy & taking in the eerie sights and sounds of the Mansion’s 999 grim grinning residents at play.

"We LOVE the idea of sitting in our very own doom buggy whilst taking in the eerie sights and sounds of the Mansion's 999 grim grinning residents at play." - *image credit - Walt Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom.
The Larson Looper

Over the years we have experienced many thrilling flat rides and attractions, however the Larson Looper is one flat ride (not coaster) that has managed to elude us.

The Larson Looper features an inbuilt ride train within it’s tall, free standing loop and reaches heights of up to and including 73 feet (22 meters).

The ride also seems to have been a staple attraction at many a funfair and carnival state side over the years, but sadly not here in the UK.

We’d love to know what it feels like to race continuously backwards and forwards through a closed vertical loop (we bet it’s probably one hell of an experience)

Oh, and they look insanely cool off ride too.

The Larson Looper remains to this day as ONE ride we’d absolutely love to experience in the coming years.

"Oh, and they look insanely cool off ride too given the overall theme of most throughout the world too." - *Image Credit - Larson International.
Jurassic World Adventure - Universal Studios Beijing.

If you’ve followed us here at TPI for a while then you’ll know that we also adore our movies too.

For this reason when we heard that Universal Beijing Resort was adding a Jurassic World dark ride to their line up we had just one question – When can we visit?

Jurassic World Adventure features immersive 360 degree sets, realistic looking animatronics & a very high level of attention to detail overall.

The ride opened at the park back in¬†June 2021 and takes riders on a tour of Jurassic World whilst they take in the sights and sounds of the island and it’s many prehistoric residents.

Personally, we’d ride it just for the themeing, but from the pov’s we’ve seen the ride itself also looks fast paced, thrilling and great fun to ride as a whole.

Let’s hope Universal parks stateside add one of these over the coming years (and yes we know, Florida only just got VelociCoaster, but still haha!).

"Jurassic World Adventure features immersive 360 degree sets, realistic look animatronics and a high level of attention to detail" - Image Credit - Roller Coaster Dream.

Avatar: Flight Of Passage - Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida.

Okay, so keeping with the movie theme this ride has been TOP of our list to experience since it first opened back in 2017.

Avatar: Flight of Passage looks immense & continues to receive glowing reviews from everyone we know who has had the chance to experience it.

The ride is said to give those brave enough a true sense of flight as they ride aback one of the native’s mountain banshees and uses state of the art technology to create the illusion of free flight.

There’s no denying Avatar: Flight of Passage looks INSANELY COOL & given how much we LOVE Avatar (well, the first movie at least anyway) we’re dying to give this a go for ourselves.

Oh, did we mention that this ride also makes up just ONE of many attractions in an immersively themed Avatar area?! They even have the floating mountains!!

"Avatar: Flight of Passage looks absolutely immense and continues to receive glowing reviews from everyone we know who has experienced it."
Symbolica - Efteling Resort.

This last one literally has us gawping with amazement each and every time we watch a pov!

Although our very own Matt has now experienced a magical journey through Efteling‘s very own enchanting, trackless dark ride, I (Joe) sadly haven’t.

Symbolica fuses special effects and physical story telling with eye popping sets, life like characters & a true sense of magic throughout.

In essence, it almost makes the rider feel as thought they’re stepping into their very own fantasy movie once they pass the threshold and board the ride.

Efteling as a whole is absolutely gorgeous there’s no denying that, but Symbolica manages to take ‘jaw dropping’ to a whole new level.

Since opening at Efteling back in July of 2017 Symbolica has mesmerised and enchanted all who have experienced it.

This year could just be the year I (Joe) get there, and I can promise I will do all I can to make that happen!!

"Symbolica fuses special effects and physical story telling with eye popping sets, incredibly life like characters and a true sense of magic throughout." - *Image Credit - Efteling.
Wrapping Up!

So there you have it, those are the Top 5 rides (none roller coaster rides that is) we would like to experience most.

We’re sure you’ll agree, some of these are an absolute must & we’re also sure you’ll have your own top 5 rides to get on asap too.

In essence, as much as we adore (and we REALLY do) getting our thrill fix on the coasters, we’re definitely more about immersion and great story telling overall..

You can’t beat stepping aboard a ride and truly losing yourself in the experience whilst putting aside your everyday worries and reverting back to being a child again for a brief second or two.

Escapism is certainly one of the purist forms of euphoria you can experience & visiting your favourite parks and attractions will definitely help that happen.

As new rides and attractions continue to evolve and change over the coming years we’re certain this list will change (especially once we actually ride some of these haha).

Which rides and attractions across the globe take your top 5? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Thanks very much for reading.