Colossus Reopens At Thorpe Park.


Colossus Reopens At Thorpe Park Resort Following Extensive Delays.

Colossus Reopens At Thorpe Park Resort today following extensive delays as a result of the park’s ongoing work to retrack the ride.

Thorpe Park have announced today that their record breaking Intamin multi-inversion roller coaster will FINALLY reopen to the public for the first time this year.

Colossus closed for the last time at the end of 2022 before having sections of track removed from the beginning of it’s iconic quad-heartline rolls in readiness to be re-tracked.

Thorpe Park confirmed plans to retrack the ride in phases in the same way Blackpool Pleasure Beach are retracking their 1994 Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster The Big One.

Similarly, Thorpe Park also confirmed they would be working alongside Taziker who are also responsible for fabricating The Big One’s new track to retrack Colossus in the years ahead.

Since closing for the work to be done though, not much has been known about when the ride would reopen, however today fans finally got the confirmation they had been waiting for – Colossus is back!

"Who’s heading to the park today? We hope you have a Colossal day" - Thorpe Park Resort.

In the post on their pass holder group confirming the ride’s imminent reopening Thorpe Park put the following;

“Who’s heading to the park today? We hope you have a Colossal day”

Colossus has also since reappeared on the app and has now been confirmed to be back open and taking on public riders.

This is great news for those visiting the park and puts Thorpe Park back up to a full roller coaster line up (at present) until Project Exodus opens at the park next year.

Join us over the weekend as we head back down to Thorpe Park, get back on Colossus and attend the opening day of the resort’s spooktacular new ride – Ghost Train (among many other things).

Full vlogs and updates will follow throughout the four days we are there.

In the meantime, why not check out our recent official news update over on our channel confirming the rides reopening and sharing further details on exactly why Colossus faced the delay it did.